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    Hi, I’m a new WordPress user.
    I have taken the project of my site that I will manage from now on, with SEOPress.
    The partner that personalized the site, I leave it registered in Goggle Search Console and Analytics
    Nothing else to begin already I found problems, because Analytics is not registering the traffic of my site.
    I have tried to understand how SEOPress works by looking at the documentation they have on their website, but in their guides and videos ( , show things that I do not have in my SEOPress panel.
    I do not know if my old partner really left the site well configured or not.
    I have followed the process again, creating the API Analytics and putting the keys that show the documentation, but in my panel I can not find the place to put the secret key. That’s why it’s my concern to think that I’m not doing it right.
    Can you tell me where to find information on how to use SEOPress correctly?
    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Benjamin Denis


    to add Google Analytics tracking to your site, please follow this guide:

    The link you mention refers to the PRO version which allows you to have Analytics statistics directly accessible from the WordPress dashboard.

    Can you post a link to your site too to check your source code?




    Thanks for your support @rainbowgeek. I followed the steps of the link that you showed me, but Analytics still does not mark the traffic.
    I do not know if the previous user did something wrong or the configuration is not correct, but I do not see the traffic.
    Should I delete the Search Console and Analytics accounts and create them again?
    The creator of the site started doing the tests with his Google account, maybe that is hurting my project.
    I am currently separated from the project, and I am alone and without WordPress experience.
    If I update Pro, would I have more help?
    If you gave me some idea of how to proceed, or what documentation should I study to get SEOPress configured for Google, I would be very grateful
    I think I will opt for another plugin, with SEOPress I am not able to customize and positioning is very important for my business, since there is a lot of offer.
    Is there another place to ask for help with my configuration?

    The site is
    Thank you



    Although they have not helped me, I have to say that I solved the problem
    I had bad tracking identifiers.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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