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  • Hello,
    When someone selects large fonts or small screen resolution, the menu goes down to the bottom of the side bar.
    I guess it is a CSS issue.
    Could someone please help to make the menu stay at the top ?

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  • If the site you are talking about is the link from your name, the site doesn’t look like a WordPress site. It’s designed with tables (icky) and has some other XHTML issues….so if you are working on a WordPress site, could you provide a link so we could check it out.

    The issue of the fonts and resolution influencing the sidebar means there is something in the sidebar that pushes and shoves things around. If you have the sidebar set for a fixed width, then something is interferring, If you don’t, then it will resize as the text and widest item in the sidebar resizes.

    So yes, it is a CSS problem, but we’d need more information to fix it.

    Many thanks for the reply.
    The site I mentioned is WORDPRESS

    Here is my sidebar.php.

    [Moderated – we don’t need to see the code. Also, please don’t shout – it’s impossible to guess where people hide their blogs sometimes, which is why a direct link is needed. Help us to help you sort of thing….]

    Many thanks in advance for any help

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The problem is in IE. Firefox behaves fine.

    I would guess that like any design, there is only a certain amount of tolerance inbuilt with the design you have, and that increasing the text size too far will cause problems.

    Your solution may lie in a custom design …

    Sorry, I am not very aware of the rulesof this forum.
    I thought looking at the code could help. Any way many thanks for the fast response.

    Simply put as text gets bigger it occupies more space. In a fixed width blog it will eventually breakdown. To get complete flexibility you need a theme which quotes all dimensions relative to the font size in ems. Like my Fujiyama template. 🙂

    Many thanks. Is there any theme based on this that I can download ?

    Look for Gemini / Fujiyama at thebombsite

    It is indeed an IE issue ot more better a mixed issue.

    I also have seen certain problems with plugins.
    They are all probably designed to have a nice view in Firefox.

    But with this kind of design you get a reversed problem.

    If you only design under IE or FF Pages or categories do not show up well under FF Op NS IE and so on.

    Also when you only wish to design under FF for example certain content is pushed downbelow the way you normally want to show your page.

    IE as well as FF has some differences in showing pages.

    But if everything has been done well pages are looking almost the same on different browsers.

    FF aswell as IE have certain things which I call bad habbit.

    Thats why its very important to use more browsers when you design.

    I also have a link somewhere on this forum to a CSS file which already is improved a little bit but still needs a lot of improvement but the basic design is from someone else.

    There are huge difference’s for example under IE and FF.

    Under certain conditions everything looks fine on both site but suddenly you get surprised and everything is pushed down again by IE and or FF.

    The real problem is the basics are interpreted different in different browsers.

    And is also related to competitive behaviour.

    If the basics do not get the same level it always will be difficult to give everybody the same look.

    For now the only advice is and remains to design for more then only one browser.

    Hello Root,
    Many thanks for your suggestion and help to solve the problem.
    I think your Fujiyama design with em instead of pixels for sizing is the only solution to keep with the font and screen size issues whatever may be the browser.
    At the end of the day no one has control over the choice of the visitor about font and resolution or browser and it is important that the visitor sees the menu and navigation without which he will click away.
    I had however to dig deep in to your site to locate a fugiama CSS by Organic Shadows among your excellent collection of templates, css and educational articles on themes and css.
    Many thanks again for the expert advice.
    I need however to work on the template files and css to match our topic.

    I have sort of managed to make the BLOG a readable place but can’t figure out how to set the style of the links from PLUGINS same as the main.
    I can’t get the style of “NEW POSTS” links same as the rest.
    Also can’t get three MENU links to the same stle.
    Any help as to how to do this within the CSS or other will be very much appreciated.
    Here is my BLOG

    Well dont worry. Now you are just into fine tuning. If you see your blog then view the source code and read thru it you should be able to see the selectors which are bothering you. Once you get the right names for the different bits then just style them by adding them in the CSS.Your server is not responding at the mo so I cant give more details.

    Hello Root,

    Many thanks for looking and your helpful comments. I think I have managed to get the


    • tags in the right place and nesting which was causing the problem.
      I have noticed however that the MEUNU still shifts down to the page when a COMMENT page is opened. any suggestions ?

    Yes. Reduce the size of the text input box for the comments.

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