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    My header text looks like I want it to on the home page, but when I go to any of the other pages, it shrinks and I want to figure out how to keep the aesthetics of my homepage header on all of my subsequent pages.
    Can someone help me with this?

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  • Do you have a link to the site?

    This is how the site looks to me… are you referring to the text circled in red? It stays the same for me on all your pages.

    The screenshot:

    Yes. that is what I mean, but on my screen (firefox browser) it looks different…smaller on all of the subsequent pages.
    Also, on my screen, it displays in my chosen font (georgia) but on yours it is in a sans-serif, which is how it is displayed on my header appearance page in the admin panel. I want to change the font to always read in georgia (and if that is not available, in times or some other common serif font), and the text should read “pasture-raised”, not “pastured-raised” but I don’t know how to change these items.
    Any clues?

    Howdy! Your site title looks the same to me on all views (archives, single posts, index) in Firefox. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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