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    So I’m working on a site and I managed to change the images used for my social icons, but it took all night for the changes to take effect. I spent hours changing and re-changing because I thought I was doing something wrong when I refreshed my browser and nothing happened.

    Well when I got up this morning and went to start playing around with it again, I noticed that the images did indeed change. My question is, why does it take so long? And is there a way I can speed up the process?

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  • Appearance >> Parabola settings >> presentation page >> pause time

    Thanks for the tip but I was talking about the images for the social icons. I deleted the ones used in the theme and uploaded my own via filezilla. I wound up switching back to the originals because I couldn’t figure out how to increase the size of the box they are displayed in.

    In other words, I want the icons to be 40×40 but no matter how big I make them, the theme re-sizes them to 26×26.

    The reason I can’t figure this out is because it takes forever and a day for any changes to take effect, if they take effect at all.

    Are you hitting ctrl+refresh to clear your cache or are you just hitting refresh? Chances are your browser is reading a cached version of your page.

    Okay so basically I was doing it wrong. What I figured out is that if you go into your ftp and locate the folder that contains the image you want to change, click and drag that folder to the left to download it to your computer. Once you have that folder on your computer, delete the one in your registry (the one on the right side).

    Add your new image to the folder you downloaded being careful to name it the exact same thing as the one you want to replace. Then make sure you refresh your ftp and drag the folder back to where it was in your registry. Refresh your browser, and the image will change instantly.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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