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  • Do you get any error? can you enable the log and mail me the log file. enable the log and wait for couple of days then send me the log file at ajmatharu[at]gmail[dot]com


    Twitter API 1.0 is retired as of June 11 2013. Your changelog says it is using API 1.1 but it is still API 1.0 in the code:


    function update_status($token, $token_secret, $status) {
            $params = array();
            $params['oauth_consumer_key'] =$this->oauth_consumer_key;
            $params['oauth_signature_method'] = 'HMAC-SHA1';
            $params['oauth_timestamp'] = time() + $this->oauth_time_offset;
            $params['oauth_nonce'] = $this->get_nonce();
            $params['oauth_version'] = '1.0';
            $params['oauth_token'] = $token;
            $params['status'] = $status;
            if ( top_is_debug_enabled() ) {
    			TOP_DEBUG( '..params are ' . print_r( $params, true ) );
            $url = '';
            $result = $this->do_oauth($url, $params, $token_secret);
            if ($result) {
                //$new_params = TOP_parsexml($result);
                return true;
            } else {
                return false;

    I had three sites on which the plugin stopped working on 6/12/2013. Is there an update? I hope so, because this is fast becoming my favorite WordPress plugin.

    There seems to be some problem with Tweet Old Post, I’m working on it will release an update today.

    Well, anything using a URL like:

    $url = '';

    is going to fail now. It might work if changed to:

    $url = '';

    Resolved it check now.

    Perfect. I installed it on my 3 different sites on 3 different systems. Appears to be working. Thank you so much!

    I really like this plugin.

    Yes, my version 4.0.4 stopped working on 11th June (getting http 410 error messages). I upgraded to 4.0.7 and it all works fine again. Thanks.

    This plugin is very buggy!

    what bug you are facing?

    Working on all but one site. I have had the log set for some time now: . I have amended top-admin.php to allow for my custom post type just like I did on other similar sites.

    No tweets appear.

    When I click TWEET NOW, I get no posts to tweet message.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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