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    Sorry for being late, but the question is still asking – why are you spoiling your own plugin?

    For many years, your decision has been the standard, the benchmark for establishing order in the database, and now what? Absolutely not related functionality – image optimization. What for? It is both more convenient and safer to do it yourself (one webmasters) or to entrust to special and long-established plugins (other webmasters), and then you decided to pick up the topic and … “issued.” Excuse me, why? So that, when removing your plugin, for example, does a user “get” to update thumbnails? Over time, if in his country they begin to filter traffic, block ip-addresses, on the impossibility of your optimization work?
    Why not just improve what is already there, and if you want to create something new, so make it new and “not mix all the dishes on the same plate”?
    Tea is a great drink.
    Omelet – healthy food.
    Cake – delicious dessert.
    But if you mix them in the same pot, you get disgusting! Or do you think otherwise?

    From the plugin will not refuse, but I refuse to update.

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  • Thanks for your comment and feedback.

    I agree that businesses or plugins should try to focus on quality of features, not quantity – this is an excellent point. We agree we should not add any feature if we’re not confident it’s at least as good as alternatives out there.

    We want to be the best in the world at this. It’s taken us about 18 months to perfect this feature, and we’d only launch it if we thought it would match or exceed alternative offerings. We think that having free, unlimited and flexible image optimization is well within our aim to make sites fast and efficient and has been welcomed by many as many other services have limits. We want to offer more than any other service for free as standard.

    You can be confident that by adding this feature we’re not diverting our focus from improving the database optimisation part of the plugin. We have multiple developers on all aspects of WP-Optimize and it will get better and better in all areas.

    However, given your feedback I think we’ll work on an option to disable this so it’s invisible.

    Finally, please be assured that this feature uses APIs and the smushing is done in the cloud, so very little code is needed within the plugin itself – so it doesn’t bloat the size of your site, it won’t interfer with other smush plugins and there’s no real disadvantage in having it, but just gives choice and a free service to the many who do want it.

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