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  • Why can’t the default wordpress themes be simple, basic css structures that all US to customize them.

    1. They need to allow css elements to inherit their styles. For example if I set the a link color at the beginning of the css file I shouldn’t then have to go through the rest of the css file and change it 20 more times.

    2. The default twenty fourteen theme has a black side bar on the left using the :before selector. When using some basic css tools like IE’s dev tools that element can’t be selected and identified. I’ve been building web sites for 13+ years…..if it takes me more than 30 seconds to identify an element like that…..its too complicated. I wasted an HOUR trying to figure out where that was hiding.

    3. Media query’s should work and be kept simple. The twenty fourteen theme has a min-width which doesn’t seem to work. I’ve always seen this as a max-screen width….why the change?

    The bottom line. I end up charging clients an extra 5 hours (which is never enough) to build wordpress sites because of these bad themes. Its NOT reusable code. Default themes should be reusable and quickly customizable. I shouldn’t have to spend HOURS sorting through them and deleting the vast majority of the settings.

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