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  • This thread is maybe off topic and im not searching support.

    I see so much help here and everywhere else on the internet.
    People are helping others with code problems and wordpress stuff.
    This takes time and people do it for free.

    Why? Im not against it but im just wondering why?

    I see same people helping again and again. Is it a job @wordpress or?

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    Why do people help for free?

    Out of the goodness of their hearts.

    *Drinks coffee*

    Isn’t there any community activity that you want to or have contributed to on your own time? This software platform, all the plugins and all the themes here are a gift from the people who wrote it to the community.

    That’s really all there is to it. Its that spirit and community that makes all this effort worthwhile.


    WordPress is community where people share their ideas and thoughts to make your website stuffs more simpler whether it’s relate to your blog or anything.

    Of corse they hire some people for this kind of job but mostly people are here to share their knowledge.

    According to my knowledge Community is not something that you are working for or working in it’s something about you are working with.

    As it’s off topic we can extend as much as we can.

    Although WordPress arranging WordCamp over the glob just attend any of near you. You will have more ideas about it.

    I hope you will find it helpful.

    Andrew Nevins


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    It’s fun and keeps you on your toes.

    Moderator James Huff


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    For me, it was about both helping people and learning.

    Everything I have learned about WordPress, I learned by helping people here. I’d see a topic about something that interested me, thought “Wow, that’s cool, I want to do that too!” So, I’d research how to do it, implement it on my site first to make sure I was doing it right, and report back to the topic with the instructions.

    Over the past 13 years of helping and learning here, I’ve been promoted to a moderator, contributed to WordPress core, contributed to plugins, been elected to lead the Support Team for 2 years, and got my current full time job which I’ve held for 7 years, all because of what I learned by helping people here.

    Wow, interesting topic.

    I guess some people are looking for the spotlight, some love learning, some look for an intelligent way to spend their free time and some are just mesmerized with puzzles… this puzzle thing I guess is very important… esp when you are a serious dev.

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    Help on the internet is how most of us got where we are today, so we like to repay that. As others have said, it’s also good for stretching one’s skills with a problem they haven’t come across themselves.

    The least altruistic reason, but also part of it, is it does look good on job applications to have a solid profile in the open source community so employers can look through your code examples, solutions to problems, and how you respond to people online, etc to gauge your skills.

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    Thanks for the answers.

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