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  • When creating my posts, the spacing is perfect. When I upload, the spacing (i.e. paragraphs) are several inches apart. When I go back to the edit page, they look perfect! What do I do?


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  • Can you post a URL?

    And if you know anything about Advertising Manager and why all of a sudden ads aren’t on my Home page, I would be so appreciative! 🙂


    Change the bottom or top margin for the p selector in styles.css.

    In layout.css on line 124 you have the following style

    .format_text p {
    margin-bottom: 1.571em;

    Making that number smaller will adjust the paragraph spacing.

    BTW, you have some extra and empty <span></span> tags in your content which you might want to clean-up.

    Sorry, don’t know that plugin.

    All the best.

    Thank you…but I have no idea what that means! Here is my current custom/css. Is this what you are talking about?

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    Shahar….thank you….posted my response before I read yours.

    Can you tell me what empty span tags are in my content. How do I clean that up?

    There are a few empty tags in the source code like here:

    <p><span>Unbeknown to me, my perceptive mother saved and printed every email sent to her through the years and kept them neatly in several files.  Yes. That is correct. Every single email and instant message she filed away though she had no specific idea why she was saving them.  A mother’s instinct told her to keep them. My father would later tell me that he would often ask my mother what she planned on doing with the volumes of files that she was storing.  She didn’t know. She wasn’t sure.  But she would think of something she said. Well think of something she did.</span></p>
    <p><span> </span>For

    They’re probably left-overs from editing. It’s not critical to clean them up but left-over code could be the cause of layout issues. Just something to be aware of.

    Interesting post about the gifts 🙂

    Can I just go in and delete the <span> with a quick hit of the delete button?

    Honestly, I have spent the entire day trying to maintain this site! Ugh!

    Thank you so much!


    Sure, in html view you can delete them same way as text.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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