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    I am occasionally maintaining a blog on an experimental basis at a site off of wordpress, and am wondering why I have to set file permissions to “777” to get anything to work. Isn’t that un-secure? I would definitely call it a bug. Is there any way to make the file permissions more sensible?

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  • There is no bug. Directories are 755, files are 644, with only an occasional and usually temporary exception. Sounds like a server/user setup error.

    Is this true for posting and auto-updating plugins on the blog? It seems that my plugins complain about not being able to write to a file until I make it world-writable. In fact, until I did that to all my files, nothing would work.

    I have to say that I am not using my own server, but I am using webspace provided by my ISP on their server. The operating system (FreeBSD 1.8.2) sets directories to 755 and files to 644 by default. Assuming the server is set up OK, what should I be checking on my end?

    The required files/folders permissions depends on the server configuration. With most of the servers, 755 permissions for folder and 644 permissions for files should be enough.

    You may need to give 777 permissions to folders (to upload pics etc.) if your ISP runs PHP as apache (nobody) user.


    I just noticed the last response in a more recent context, and I now know that my ISP is running Apache under user nobody. Are you sure that I only need to change the permissions on the folders? It seems to choke every time I make the permissions saner.

    on my set up it is 755 dir and 644 file.

    No hiccups …

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    pking123, that’s fine (my apache runs as nobody, that’s bog standard 🙂 ).

    Who owns the WP files and folders? Mine are owned by ipstenu:ipstenu (user and group ipstenu).

    Also, what version of PHP are you running?

    I am running PHP 5.2.9. I am the group and owner of the files and folders. For files created by my blog, I am the group and “nobody” is the owner.

    This issue seems to be resolved, especially for plugin uploading, since I have taken to the habit of downloading and installing all plugins to wp-content/plugins by hand (ftp/ssh).

    Thanks for your help


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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