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  • every now and then someone will post a comment on an article i’ve written. quite often their comment will provoke another comment [a reply if you like] from me. however, even tho’ i’m logged in as the admin user, my comment still goes into the moderation queue. shouldn’t wordpress be able to recognise comments posted by the wordpress admin user and approve them automatically?

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  • are your settings set so that all comments are moderated? or do you have any key words in the moderation list that you might be using?

    yes. i’ve set it so that all comments are moderated [too much ‘texas holdem’ spam about!] but i don’t think WP should apply that rule to comments i post myself while logged in as the admin – obviously i’m going to approve these since i’m posting them myself. the current situation – whereby, because i’ve got moderation turned on, when i’ve posted a comment i get an email telling me i’ve posted a comment and asking me to approve it – is a bit schizophrenic!

    [ bilge – sook my stoopid brain! ]

    well, instead of moderating all comments, you could utilize the moderation/blacklist features and either moderate/delete any comments that may have those words. That way you wouldn’t be moderating yourself unless you use those words in your comments.

    actually, take a look at this:

    this might solve your problems.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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