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  • Here’s an example page:

    At the bottom of the page the text has double line spacing under the heading, “Qualificatoins” and I can’t work out how it happens.

    The site owner adds the content and invariably, she edits a page which ends up with some or all text doing this. I then have to go in and re-edit to try and sort it all out.

    What advice can I give to editors to stop this from happening?



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  • Hi Martin,

    If you use Firebug to analyse the website, it clearly shows that there is style difference between all the text on the page and the text under qualifications.

    E.g. all the text is in <p> </p> code, while the text under qualifications is in <p style=”line-height:24px;”> </p>, therefore a different style is being assigned to this text.

    In the page / post editor you can fix this by highlighting the text and choosing the correct format from the Styling drop down menu.

    Well, I have gone back over that piece of text and fixed it. What had happened was that some extra <span> elements had been added with and inline style for line-height.

    Not sure where they came from?


    Glad your issue is solved 🙂

    Most of the time such things happen when you are copying content from another source (such as word document, or html file) which already has defined formatting.

    What I usually do to avoid this, is when copying from Word or any other source which might contain formatting, first I paste the content to Notepad, to get rid of all formatting, then copy the notepad content and copy that to WordPress.

    Thanks Johnb81

    I think the Notepad thing is the way to go and easy to instruct the site owner in!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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