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    I chose WordPress because it’s open-source and community supported, and because of that whole MovableType v3 license debacle.

    First reason, customizability. The templating system pre-1.5 is admittedly a bit clumsy, but it was still pretty easy to do. The new builds just keep getting slicker with regards to the theming capabilities. And XHTML standards compliance is a Good Thing (TM).

    Second, ease of use/admin/maintenance. Self-explanatory – it was the easiest to work with, extend, and the least confusing for non-geek users.

    Finally, the highly active support and development communities.

    And really finally, extensibility. Plugins are easy to write (well, easy to start, at least – I’m not that good at PHP yet) and seamlessly integrate new stuff into just about any part of the software.

    Not to mention how classy “WordPress” sounds to the ladies 😀

    Mark (podz)


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    It chose me 🙂


    1) It’s PHP/APACHE/MySQL
    2) It’s Opensource (that not only means free, but that mean WP will be able to be maintained ven if the original team gives up)
    3) it’s cool and elegant
    4) it works !
    5) I can do with it pretty much anything I want (it’s not a closed stuff)
    6) there is a very good and active community around it
    7) Saying “I have a WP weblog” attract women


    nb: I’m not very sure of point #7

    It’s true, it’s true – women are very attracted to WordPress blogs. I can prove it 🙂

    I chose b2 because it was OpenSource and php/mySQL based. I had looked at a couple others (such as MT and Greymatter), but I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of using Perl, etc. I liked the idea of dynamically creating the pages, and b2 was easy to setup and use. When WP was announced as the official successor, it was a no-brainer for me to switch.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    fonzievision ….. any particular reason for asking ? Do you use WP ?

    One night last September, an extraterrestrial spacecraft landed in my backyard. I realized it had to be from another world, because moments later a strange, unearthly being emerged from an opening in the hull. He, or she, or rather it, was gold-skinned, with about a dozen six-foot long tentacles for arms and legs. And it wore a black top hat. Strange, that.

    As I was about to ask if it wanted to be taken to see my leader, an ethereal voice emerged from what I took to be its mouth. It said:

    “Start using WordPress.”

    Then the alien turned around, went back into its ship, and flew off into the sky.

    True story!

    Ahah. Podz . I’m just curious to know, having adopted WordPress myself very recently (from typepad).

    I liked that it used PHP and was opensource. MT looked complicated, while WP looked simple (in a good way) and sexy.

    “7) Saying “I have a WP weblog” attract women”

    That’s true for me at least. ;o)

    After blogging manually for a few months, I wanted something that did auto-archives. I tried CuteNews, which was extremly easy to use, but their archives SUCK. Then I tried MT, which was extremly difficult for me to use. WordPress is a happy medium for me. It has the features I want and is easy to use and customize.

    Where did y’all learn how to customise WordPress and Kubrick?

    I choose it because the website looked lovely and read well. I’ve tried a few blogs and I reckon this is the best.

    I’m just about to set up a mail list. What is the WordPress of mailing list software?

    Used to have a blog at and didn’t really like the look of it so I changed to WP…big mistake…my WP looks like cr.. aswell, due to the fact that I don’t have any CSS or php skills (obviously not WP’s fault!!).
    My lack of coding skills makes me feel like I’m tied on hands and feet…I see a lot of greatlooking WP blogs and I know how I would want mine to look like, but again the lacking skills in coding prevents me from applying the look and features I want.
    I’ve made so many changes to my Trident template, that I simply don’t have the energy to install the extremely cool Kubricks theme and start all over again…Kubrick is really the only theme available I like “out of the box” and which doesn’t need a lot of things done to it to suit my taste.

    Anyway…for complete newbies who don’t have the time to learn coding properly, WP can be quite painful customizing. Beginners should, imho, start with maybe or, learn some code and learn how to customizing those blogs a little, and from there move to WP and be creative.

    Best thing about WP and the community is how extremely helpful everybody is and how kind the fellow WP users are.
    People I don’t even know, have taken the time to write me tutorials, posted answers to my daft questions and have tried to help out in every possible way…and I’m extremely grateful for that.
    People have spent a lot of time helping me out. I’m a slow learner when it comes to coding 😉 I hold a candidate degree in biology, but for some idiotic reason I’m simply too daft to master coding CSS/php…maybe it’s because I’ve haven’t spent enough time doing it or…well…maybe it’s just not meant to be one of the things I do well (…God knows there’s a lot of things I’m not very good at!)

    Just to avoid any confusion: WP is great…It’s my coding skills that blows….to say the least. I know the basics and it’s getting better, but I’m still looking for that great revelation where everything falls into place.

    OK…I’m rambling…time to stop

    To sum up: I chose WP because of the helpful and kind folks here in the WP community…

    This is my first foray into blogging and I wanted to use something that was installed by myself so that my content was stored on my domain, not elsewhere, and that allowed me to eventually completely customize my blog.

    – it needed to easily work as a photoblog, as this was my primary intended use
    – php/MySQL and simple to manually install into my database
    – ease of customization because I have no experience in this area
    – OpenSource & free are very nice bonuses
    – the supporting community is fantastic and very active

    Researching my various needs and desires for my blog, it came down to WordPress and MT. As it turns out, my host has actually banned MT because it was causing too many security issues, but that was irrelevant to me, as WP had already won out.

    In conclusion, in my very short blogging experience (2 days), WordPress rules.

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