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  • The new UI absolutely sucks. This effort to simplify something that wasn’t broken has slowed down my productivity and has left me and my clients unable to find basic tools like Country Blocking. I adored this plugin and pay for the premium version. It is so irritating when companies just up and completely redesign a product without the input of their actual users. You have damn near ruined what was in my opinion a close to perfect product with this unnecessary change. Expect more reviews like this. Unfortunate. Doubt I’ll be continuing with this plugin.

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  • Hi DominoPark!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are currently in a process of parsing all the feedback we’ve gotten since the release and making any adjustments we feel necessary.

    Country Blocking is available under Firewall > Blocking. If you prefer to keep Blocking in the WordPress menu, there is an option for that. Go to Firewall > Blocking > Blocking Options and enable “Display top level Blocking menu option”. If you need any more assistance in navigating through Wordfence 7, this article might help.

    Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to our forum staff here at They are more than happy to help!

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    Thank you for replying. Your post helped me find that one feature but so many others are now scattered under areas that aren’t intuitive to locate. I hope WF is seriously considering the feedback its getting involving the UI change. Mark seems like a very customer-focused founder so I’m even more disappointed by these changes than if WF was just some crap company.

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    Fully agreed. New Design is sucks. This is how a great product loses customers.

    Also agreed. I was having students install this and it was clear and easy to show them how to set it up and use it and talk about protecting their sites but now its mind boggling. So much text and so little clue where anything is or what to do with it. Nothing about it is clear or easy to use.

    You notice there is now a wall of 5 star reviews poring in to push down the negative reviews since the UI change a few weeks back. I’m sure none of them are solicited *eyeroll*. Just dig a few pages back to see a more natural flow of reviews. So that’s how you handle legitimate customer complaints, you bury them.

    I’m done. Actively shopping for a replacement. Currently reviewing the NinjaFirewall plugin. If anyone else has some good alternatives to suggest that are lightweight and effective, I’d appreciate it.

    So disappointed in this new UI also. Very confusing and many settings are now difficult to find. First time of using this plugin for many years that I’m going to start looking for an alternative.

    Hi all!
    For those of you who have decided to stick with Wordfence, I hope you are enjoying the new All Options page we added in the most recent release. It should help when you need to configure Wordfence installations quickly.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    I have just spent over 2 hours trying to find how to simply unblock a country. It was so simple before and with LITTLE or no easy guidance available to locate the solution. The earlier ‘new ideas etc’ with the latest version are not there and to be frank after all the time I have wasted if I cannot find something in 3 clicks from the time of entering the website its badly designed.

    Get something on Youtube or WP forum with step by step instructions, we are not all programmers.

    I agree with the comments above, previously so simple no made for designers and not users. You need a refocus!!!!

    Having said that why not add some short cuts in an index within the plugin and get some cred back. When you do eventually find the country blocking it is simple to change.

    Another thing, work with plug in developers and request them to add their country for support as it make be blocked, which led me on my time wasting task today.

    Keep the good security up but as said before just be more user focused

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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