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    I installed AMP plugin first and saw the AMP pages displaying the post’s categories and tags.

    Then installed your plugin to style the AMP pages. And now my AMP pages do not have categories and tags. On the page source inspection, I see they are commented with note <!– Deleted categories and tags –>.

    Why do you delete them? Is it possible to choose to display the categories and tags?

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  • Taniav,

    Also check to see if your older articles are redirecting to AMP pages along with your new ones.

    We noticed after installing PageFrog, our articles from a month ago would no longer redirect to AMP although news ones would.

    Once we deactivated PageFrog, all articles, old and new, redirected to AMP.

    Plugin Author pagefrog


    Hi taniav,

    Rest assured, the categories and tags are not removed on a functional level, they’re simply hidden from display. This was primarily a design choice we made (and we had to make a lot of them when we first started!)

    The goal of AMP (and Instant Articles) is to remove clutter and create a superior mobile reading experience. One of the things that cluttered mobile screens were excessive use of tags and so we decided to hide this, allowing readers to focus on the content.

    However, we’re slowly adding back customization options so you can expect to see the option to display tags and categories in the near future.

    Also gooma2,

    I’m happy to share that your issue has been resolved! We identified the problem which was a result of the “amphtml” tag pointing towards the wrong AMP url. This has been fixed and I’m confident that your pages, both old and new, will be indexed appropriately with the new 1.0.9 release.

    we need to add links/menus. Category and main menu are a must.

    Because they low the bounce rate. If u read an article and there is not a link you go back (to google).

    Would be cool if u can choose category,tag,author. For show/hide.

    Also would be amazing if can add and custom html field

    the big issue is that most of the menus are JS and that’s what AMP is knocking out. Actually, links are included in the articles so you’ll have plenty of those if you include them in your article.

    The issue with that is these links in the article don’t redirect to an AMP version of the article but back to your original one. Down the line this will cause an issue as people will get accustomed the speediness of AMP loading so if they click on a link that goes back to a different page they’ll get frustrated with the sudden slowness.

    This AMP overhaul has many many ramifications down the line that many people haven’t thought about yet.

    Oddly enough, if you only use the AMP plugin, it will include tags/category at the top of your article helping to drive traffic to more of your articles. For some reason on PageFrog you lose that.

    I am glad that you plan to provide options to display tags and categories in the near future.

    My site depends so much on the tags and categories. Hiding them will surely hurt my traffic and make the bounce rate so high. escribircanciones got the points.


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