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    Maybe I’m just not looking into it deep enough but I figured you can just simply declare a class in the Goowy and style the whole form but Ninja forms has made this a bit painful. Maybe I am wrong let me know either way, again sorry if I am being harsh.

    I did have problems with this plug-in timing out in the middle of publishing forms.

    Edit: I found this… https://ninjaforms.com/docs/styling-your-forms/

    Plenty of options here, still not the biggest fan of NinjaForms right now for other reasons but you can style as needed.

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  • Plugin Author James Laws


    You absolutely do not need an extra plugin to style Ninja Forms. The free core plugin comes with plenty of classes to styles forms down to the most minute detail.

    If you know CSS fairly well there is nothing you can’t do. The Layout & Styles add-on is simply to make it easier for those who do know CSS or possible for those who don’t really know it much at all.

    Ninja Forms is not limited in sytyling at all with CSS.

    If you have problems with the plugin then the proper course of action would be contacting our support team so we can assist you. https://ninjaforms.com/contact/



    Thank you for the response, I apologize and thanks for providing some options. I wouldn’t mind a simple clarification but either way, appreciate the effort.

    Just so you know I did post in the Support forum of WordPress.org and I got no response.

    Anyway found this on my own for anybody who needs it.


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