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  • Can anyone at WP help me? I cannot post/publish my completed page here and save draft button fails to save my completed draft. All I get saved is a blank page and a partial title line. I guess I am not supposed to have an avatar because although there’s a spot for a pix on my profile page there is no way to add the damned thing! I did DL User Photo but it’s all gibberish and makes no sense! I have been posting here at WP for years and still do but that’s on an earlier version of WP than a 2.9 and I have no problems with it. Can I downgrade from 2.9? Here’s the situation-

    I am a beta tester for a new blog journal for called
    AO Blog Journals. They are using a WP 2.9 and it worked fine for me for two posts. Then all Hell broke loose and nothing works now! I contacted the admin at ANOL who said I was the only one having trouble and said he had no idea why. End of story. He could care less.

    I have an HP Pavilion PC running a Windows Vista Home Premium on a 64 bit ops system with installed Flash Player and a Firefox 3.5.7 browser. I have that Gears thing you offer but haven’t used it and anyway this trouble started before I put Gears in.

    Aw I don’t think anyone can or will help me with anything. Like the rest they all hate me and could care less that I cannot post or save a draft or even have an avatar of my own! Good night- JKMc/K&K in Brookhaven PA-USA

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  • So if you try it from another computer do you have the problem?

    Normally deactivating plugins would be one thing to try.

    Also logout, then clear your browser cache and cookies.

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