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    After upgrading to 2.04 there were all these new themes in my theme directory that I didn’t want, so I promptly set about the work of deleting them- but I can’t!

    There are 2 themes that I just can’t get rid of:
    artsemerging and StripedPlus

    Under my “themes” tab, under “broken themes”, it says:

    1. “artsemerging Stylesheet is missing.”
    2. “StripedPlus Template is missing.”

    So I tried adding the missing stylesheet and template to the themes, respectively, but it still didn’t make them “deletable”.

    And when I go through my FTP client to try and manually delete the themes, still nothing:

    • 1. “artsemerging”- when I try to delete it, I get this message- “Server file error: artsemerging: Directory not empty”. Yet when I open the actual directory, there are no visible files and it says it has “0 items”.
    • 2. again, this time with “StripedPlus”- when I try to delete it, I get “Server file error: pic: Directory not empty”. But when I go into the stripedplus directory, into the scripts folder, and then to the “pic” file- again, it sure looks empty to me.

    P.S. After being unable to delete them from the directory, I installed the plugin “Theme Manager” and tried to to delete the 2 unwanted themes that way, but still no luck.

    How can I get rid of these themes once and for all?

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  • when you went into the ftp did you try and delete the whole folder or the individual files then the foler?

    Initially the whole folder (and that- apparently- worked just fine for the first 20+ themes that I wanted to toss). But when I couldn’t delete the “artsemerging” and “StripedPlus” folders in their entirety, I then went through and tried to delete their individual folders and files one-by-one, but got stuck as described above.

    (for example, the artsemerging folder in my wp-content/themes directory has no files in it, yet I still can’t delete the folder itself!)

    i think i had something like that happen and i typicly use a ftp program instead of going to my host or www service provider.

    I found out that it was alot easier to go through my host or the person i have the web page with such as lunarpages and go to my control panel on there and then to my ftp. I could get rid of everything.

    If you cant get rid of it after that. It would be there is nothing for it to get rid of. Maybe try uploading the files again and dumping the whole folder at once

    Yay! They’re gone 🙂

    although I never wanted those 2 damned themes in the first place, I did go to the WP Theme Viewer, download both themes, reupload them to my directory to overwrite the exisiting folders.

    Then I was able to delete the entire themes without incident.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. I use Dreamhost, but I have no idea how to delete files from my host. (I’ve only ever deleted via an FTP client.)

    I am actually having this problem too. However, reinstalling the theme didn’t work for me. Does anyone have a different solution?

    In addition to the two themes mentioned above, I also can not delete copy blogger, durable, and PressRow.


    The real solution:

    There is a file called DS_Store – it’s a hidden file. You need to display hidden files on your FTP client (-a on remote server filters), then the directory deletes without a problem.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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