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    I’m trying to style different tables all over an offline website that I am building but it seems that all tables and their contents are pre-styled in the Twenty Twelve theme. Shouldn’t the fact that I’m giving each of these tables and <td> cells their own classes and id’s allow me to style them separate from the pack? Super frustrating.

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  • …annnnnnnnd I’m such an noob, 🙂 Just learned something new today that was driving me crazy. Hope this helps some poor bastards out in cyber space who found themselves in a similar situation.

    If you try to name a div or class something like “3boxes” it won’t work because YOU CAN’T START THE NAME OF A DIV OR CLASS WITH A NUMBER!

    No -> <div class="3questions">
    Yes -> <div class="Thesequestions3">

    If resolving your own topics is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

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