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  • Why can level 1 users see the email addresses and IPS of the other posters.
    How do I change it so that people can register and post without seeing private info on other users. This is nuts Is this a bug?

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  • Nope, not a bug! That’s the way it is:

    See User_Levels

    Why would a user thats allowed to post need to see the email addresses of others users. Thats nuts.

    What routine is this located in so I can change it to normal internet privacy standards.

    What’s (Who’s) nuts is the person who would allow people to post whom he or she wouldn’t trust with e-mail addresses. There are numerous reasons why having access to e-mail addresses of fellow posters would be helpful and only one why it would not – malicious posters who shouldn’t have been granted access in the first place.

    That being said, you could certainly put in a feature request to have that changed.

    Just doesn’t make sense.
    Trusting a user to make moderated post should not give him permission to see other users email addresses. And why would I trust them to post. If I trust them to make a comment then I trust them to post. If they can get by Spam Karma then they can post.

    Level 1 users can’t view the users accounts so why should they be able to see the email addresses. That’s amateurish. Its also a major security and privacy violation.

    Well anyway I found the flaw and corrected it. For others that want it here is the fix. search in edit_comments.php in admin for the line with the Name: in it and change it to.

    <?php _e(‘Name:’) ?> <?php comment_author() ?>

    // start privacy mod

    if ($user_level > 2 ) {
    if ($comment->comment_author_email) {
    echo “| <? php _e(‘E-mail:’) ?><?php comment_author_email_link()?>”;
    if ($comment->comment_author_url) {
    echo “| <?php _e(‘URI:’) ?> <?php comment_author_url_link()?>”;
    echo “| <?php _e(‘IP:’) ?> \”><?php comment_author_IP() ?>”;
    // End mod

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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