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    For some reason, when I go into “new post” or “new page”, all I get is the editor that comes with WP (just like on here, actually), however, I’m also only able to type in html. I used to have CKEditor, but now that won’t show up anymore. Oddly enough, this is a problem only with this one site, not my other WP sites.
    What I’ve tried:
    -deactivating all my plugins…no change.
    -copied and pasted code from CKEditor from other site to this one…no change.
    -checked the template code for anything…nothing found.
    -changed the template/theme…no change.
    -Tried in a different browser (I normally use Chrome, tried in Firefox)…no change.
    -installed WP Editor (I figured that if I have to type in code, I may as well get a code editor). I thought it was a good idea until I previewed it: there’s a huge space between the title and the main text.

    This isn’t something that just happened recently with the new WP update, either…it appears to have done so from a previous version. But again, why only this site and not my other ones?

    <u>Thoughts for next moves unless I hear from you:</u>

    1. delete and re-install all my plugins
    2. backup the whole site and reinstall WP

    I’d really prefer to not have to do the second one.

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    Check dashboard, users, your profile and make sure the disable visual editor box is not checked.

    Thank YOU!!! This was the issue! Something so simple yet driving me insane. Amazing. I’d hug you if I could. Thanks you!

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