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  • This is the location of the them with using a ‘custom menu’ (the one with the issues)

    This is the location of the same theme using standard WP menus (no custom menu) (no issues)

    This is a modified/child 2010 theme.

    When the site is using the default WordPress menu system (no custom menu), the menu is fine (normal, as in the way it looks / behaves in a standard 2010 theme).

    When I utilized custom menus then the menu becomes a bulleted list. I’ve never had this happen before.

    I’ve looked at it with Firebug and Chrome’s inspector and it seems to be totally ignoring the

    #access .menu-header ul, ul {
    	list-style: none;
    	margin: 0;

    I’ve disabled all plugins. The menu works fine (as expected) with a custom menu using the stock 2010 theme.

    ***Came back to add, I’ve looked at the html and this change in the div that holds the ‘access’ div is where it stems from.

    When using custom menus:

    <div class="menu-menu-container">

    When using the standard WP menu

    <div class="menu">

    AND, not sure if this helps trouble shoot, but even if I go into APPEARANCES –> MENUS and simply create a custom menu but never select to use it, the menu gets formatted like a bulleted list.

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  • Anyone?

    I’ve not changed the standard css for the #access div info, and I’ve never had this problem before (going from the standard menu to using custom menus and the menu changing its look/behavior). As in having to go into the CSS and write a new class based on what the new custom menu is called. :-\

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