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  • Resolved Slava Abakumov


    BuddyPress tag? Seriously?
    And what does your plugin do with BuddyPress? lbp and bp – and that’s all?

    Please look into the url to you plugin:

    You plugin doesn’t extend BuddyPress.
    I would like to see BuddyPress tag removed from the tags list to make more room for really BuddyPress related plugins.

    Do you agree?

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  • Plugin Author bobbingwide


    Hi Slava UA.
    Since version 0.7 the oik plugin has included a child plugin called oik-bp-signup-email

    Comments in the source file for this child plugin are…

    The default BuddyPress behaviour, when user registration is enabled, is to send an email to the email address given for the user registration. The email contains the activation link. When the user clicks on the link then their id is activated. If the user is just a spammer then off they jolly well go.

    Some people have implemented recaptcha algorithm’s to catch the spamming during the initial attempted registration. This solution sends the sign up message to the site admin… who should then verify the attempted registration before forwarding the email.

    There are two routes… one for WPMS implementations the other for single site implementations.

    It is THIS child plugin that justifies the BuddyPress tag.
    From oik v1.17 onwards, child plugins relocate themselves to standalone plugins. When the version of oik that not longer delivers the child plugins is released then it may be appropriate to remove the BuddyPress tag.
    The standalone version of the plugin is available from

    Until such a time, it will remain.

    PS. I developed this plugin for use on
    But since then I’ve actually deactivated BuddyPress registration on that site altogether. See

    PPS. I clicked on, your home site, with little success.

    Plugin Author bobbingwide


    No reply, even after responding directly. Closing as resolved.

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