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  • Why does wp add paragraph tags on output versus input? If the visual editor added them when content was being written, a user could just switch to the html version (code view) and switch in between without the data being screwed up. Right now its not possible.

    Even if I disabled auto_p, I would then have to manually add them even when using the visual editor. Sometimes i want to use the editor, sometimes i want to use code view so i have 100% control. Heck, if I aded them in the code view, saved the post, reopened, made a few changes in the editor version, then saved again. I would have lost all my paragraphing.

    Seems so ass backwards. What is the through process behind this? I know tinymce doesnt work this way be default.

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  • No one has an opinion on this?

    The reasons list is very long, but basically it’s because it makes it the easiest for everyone involved (you, devs, plugin authors, etc.). WordPress stores the post the way you write it.

    I don’t want to stare at <p>‘s or <br />‘s while I’m editing a post. I want to look at what I wrote.

    Some people also disable wpautop() and replace it with like Texturize or other markups.

    Very few things are done to content on the way into the database.

    What? If you use the visual editor, it inserts strong tags, lists, link tags, etc, etc. If i want to use use the visual editor to do paragraphs, i should have that as an option as well.

    I understand WP wants the users to have as many options as possible, so why remove this option if i want it? I dont want a different editor, i just want TinyMCE to work as it was originally intended. =/

    So there is absolutely no way to use the Visual Editor and have it insert the <p> tags?

    I find it funny that you say you dont want to stare at <p>’s or ‘s, but you have no problems staring at <strong>, <h3>, <span>, etc. Doesnt make sense. Also, if your using the visual editor you wouldnt see any of that. The code view should be the “source” view IMHO.

    WordPress definitely does not store the post the way you write it. It butchers the crap out of your post. Changes your HTML, removes extra lines, displays it completely differently from the way it will end up on the site, etc. I’m with MACsr on this one. At the very least, there needs to be options involved.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Actually, WordPress stores exactly what you send it. It modifies it on the display-time, not on the write-time.

    That said, certain types of HTML will be removed by kses and such, unless you’re the admin. Admins and editors get unfiltered-html capability, normal authors do not.

    That’s pretty bizarre. I’ve never been able to get things like multiple lines between content to stick by either editing visually or via HTML. Save it, switch between the editors, etc. Every single time, it goes back to only having a single line between content.

    Now, if I install Dean’s FCKEditor plugin, I can edit the text how I want it, and it stays just fine. This comes from an administrator user, Windows XP, Firefox 3.0.4, and WordPress 2.6.3

    I’ll give it another test with 2.7, but I’m not sure why I have such different results than you guys say.

    …nope, still doesn’t care.

    That post is supposed to have multiple spaces between each line. However, as you can see, there is a uniform one space between each line. I tried hitting enter multiple times in the visual editor. That didn’t work, so I went to the HTML view, and tried entering multiple break tags. That also didn’t work at all. Still exactly the same.

    Unless we are all on different pages as to what we are discussing, it’s definitely not working as you say it should be. But again, if I was using Dean’s editor plugin, I’d be getting exactly what I typed in.


    What happens when you try this: <p>1 space</p> <br /> in the HTML editor, save the changes, and then preview the post – not in the visual editor- but in the preview pane? Bouncing between HTML and Visual has always yielded strange changes for me. I guess I’m just used to the HTML mode.

    Oh, sweet irony. I had to edit that last post 3 times before it would print the break!!

    …. Laughing on the inside, really I am!

    Well, it doesn’t do a whole lot of anything, considering there is nothing after the “1 space” line in what you told me to type. But I’m going to assume you meant to try that code in the HTML with the rest of what I typed before.

    In that case I typed:

    And the preview pane displays:

    It’s very odd, I think. I wouldn’t expect those results at all…

    But I’m going to assume you meant to try that code in the HTML with the rest of what I typed before.

    You assumed correctly. I just phrased it poorly.
    It does look odd, doesn’t it. One might expect with those breaks, to see spacing of what… 40,60 and 80px respectively? Your css dictates a default line space of 20px, so I would think that would be the case. In fact when I visit that page and add the breaks using firebug;

    <p>1 Space</p>
    <br />
    <p>2 Spaces</p>
    <br />
    <br />
    <p>3 Spaces</p>
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <p>4 Spaces</p>

    that is exactly what I see happen. One break, 40px space, two breaks, 60px space, etc…

    Odd indeed.

    BTW, I’m replicating this on my current version of WordPress (2.7 RC1) with that theme. However, it was also the case on 2.6 with my old theme. And 2.5 as well. I’ve never been able to get WordPress to treat spaces right.

    I’ve read all the suggestions about using enter vs ctrl-enter, or shift-enter, or whatever it is. I’ve also read the posts about disabling auto-p, and tried that. Still, the only thing that ever works right is Dean’s plugin. Which is a shame, because I’m actually not too fond of that editor.

    Luckily, it’s rare that I need to add multiple lines in. But it happens occasionally.

    There is what I’m seeing in Firebug from that last post. All my breaks are gone, replaced with paragraph tags. You can see why there is randomly two spaces instead of one. Those have an extra paragraph tag in there. Again, very odd. But definitely not what I consider “Admins and editors get unfiltered-html capability”.

    But then I guess Otto did say that it is modified at display time. So while I consider that a huge problem, that’s probably working as intended.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    That’s pretty bizarre. I’ve never been able to get things like multiple lines between content to stick by either editing visually or via HTML.

    That’s intentional. The autop function removes multiple blank lines.

    If you want extra vertical space, then modify the CSS appropriately. That’s the correct semantic way to do it.

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