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    Okay so I’m brand new to WP, I’ve been a Joomla guy for the last few years but thought I’d better branch out.

    I have what I expect is a basic question but I can’t get my head around it…

    I have identified the CSS that needs to change in my Theme (001.css) and so I make the changes and save them but the website remains as it was. The changes seem to be being overridden by page specific css. Firebug tells me that the CSS for the particular element is coming from “contact #2” in my root directory… I have no idea where that file is or how it is getting populated. Bottom line is that whatever changes I make to my theme’s css file, it doesn’t work because it always getting gazumped by some mysterious css page elsewhere.

    Please help me…

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  • I would try adding !important to the end of the CSS style to ensure it overrides anything else.

    otherwise, start looking through your index.php’s code to see where the inline style is being set.

    are you editing the style.css file in your theme folder? that’s the one you want to change.

    style.css has just the template authors details, however, in the index.php, a script calls for the import of the style sheet “/css/001.css” which is what I’ve been editing.

    Ahah! Looking further down the index.php (or rather the header.php in this case) there is a require_once call to a “tmp_colors.php” which now pulls in colors as set by the template config in the back-end of WP. This is what was overriding everything I did.

    Phew! Thought I was going mad… that’s what happens when you’re still trying to plug through this stuff at 4am!!!

    Thanks for your help… you helped to convince me that I wasn’t a complete retard and thus gave me the confidence to keep looking for “extra” code.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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