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  • Hi I am using WP 2.0 and was trying to use the Defualt theme 1.5 to create a blog with a custom great except some of my links show up as red while the rest of them appear in blue..I have tried erasing the post and redoing it to no avail…am I missing something?

    Thank U for any help!!

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  • Usually, red links are places you have been to, while blue links are ones you haven’t.

    I feel Like a dork..I swear I tried clearing my cache and history….and it stayed Red the first 50 times I tried fine now…. however I don’t like the Red links…how can I change the link colors? in the CSS sorry Newbing out badly…

    Thanks For the Response!!!

    funnily enough they all remain blue on my pc.
    maybe its your (or my) browser settings.

    OK so Now That I figured that visited Links Are suppose to be Red…..I fgured out that my problem is that most of my links DON’t turn Red when visited only some!!!! Argh..any suggestions?

    Personally, I just style them all to be the same. That feature of link colour (visited) isn’t that important unless you have a page with lists of links. IMHO. Check into the styling of a, a:hover, and a:visited or search “CSS link color”

    thanx! will check that out..I do use large bold text..I am more concerned with consistency…mainly the fact that only some links turn red..when visted…like in the second post… but some stay in the first post….I guess I could try redoing the first post which I haven’t tried retooling yet.. because I thought the problem was the red links…not that the visited links are staying blue when then are suppose to be red….8 P



    Podz gave me this suggestion not long ago: put this code in your style sheet :

    a:hover img{
    border:2px solid #ff00ff;

    a img {
    border: 2px solid #c0c0c0;

    Place behind the # the color code you want it to be.

    and this changes the link color and the visited link color to be the same color or does this overides the post encoding? or both? thanx!!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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