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  • I use a modified Movable Type default template as my WordPress template. I recently accidentally erased the index.php from the theme folder. I restored from backup and, now, the main page looks fine, but the individual-post view looks terrible and wrong.

    The verbiage in the individual-post view (“This entry was posted on…”) makes it clear that the default template WordPress has been reverted to, but the style sheet being used is mine. The result is hideous.

    What template file do I need to edit/replace/whatever in order to customize the individual-post view? I’ve googled about and read about, but gotten nowhere. In the past, I’ve relied on WordPress to make my template magic happen in the upgrade to 1.5 — how to <i>make</i> a proper template is a mystery to me.

    My apologies for the ridiculous thread subject, but I honestly can’t think of a better one.

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  • check to see if you have a single.php file as that’s the template that it’ll look to use for individual posts. If you do have one, try renaming it to something like abc.php and then check your individual post again.

    That worked perfectly, lawtai — thank you. It would have taken a long time for me to figure out that single.php is optional. That’s what I get for thinking like a programmer rather than a user.

    no problem 🙂 now you can style your individual posts however you want by changing the single.php file. Or, if you’re happy with your individual post looking like your index, then just delete the file.

    Well, hey, go me for posting an effective question in the forums.

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