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  • I have published several posts, but they have disappeared and now only the title of the latest post shows on the public site. The body of the text on my last post disappeared as well. When I go in as administrator, I can see all of my old posts intact- and when I edit them, it says they are published, but they aren’t showing up on the public page. Help! Why is this happening and how can I prevent it in the future?

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  • Your problem is in index.php. All of your markup is there but an incorrectly closed tag is hiding all of the content. The tag is <noscript />. It should be </noscript>. Fix that and you should be good.

    Regarding the response from ryanfitzer. I have no idea HOW to fix the tag. Could some one please expain? Thank you

    Hi Suzanne.

    It seems likely that the changes that you made to your theme are your main problem. I say this because doing a view source reveals that you have lots of info and links that are being sent that simply aren’t visually there.

    The <noscript /> tag in your geovisitor stuff looks strange, but I don’t think it alone is your problem. Changing it to </noscript> definately wouldn’t fix the problem because there is no opening <noscript> before it to close. That <noscript /> is an empty tag that opening and closing itself on one shot. In other words, it should simply be removed.

    There are two main things that validator is complaining about. The first is that you are using the old school language=”javascript” Instead you should use:

    The second is where you are putting that code. I think it is complaining because it is in a paragraph tag. I’m not sure though. That doesn’t look like it should be causing you this trouble, but it is possible. Remove your GeoV stuff and see if your page works.

    If not, switch back to the default WordPress theme and see if it works any better then. If it does, you may want to reinstall Ocadia. It is a 2.0+ theme, so it should work fine for you if added code doesn’t interfere with its funcionality.

    I also strongly urge you to upgrade to at least WP 2.0.3 if not 2.0.4.

    Hope you get it all sorted.

    Brian, I am lost!
    My site has been working fine. Then I wrote a post and hit save, it put into a draft. Then I hit publish and all I got posted was the title and the rest of my postings were hidden. My daughter in law figured out how to get my posting back, but lost the title post and all comments.

    Then today I wrote a post and only hit publish. Again all my past posts are gone and only a title showing. I am frustrated. I do not understand what you are talking about-using java script ??? HELP in plain english please…

    I’m looking into it in more detail now. I’ll see what I can do for ya. Maybe I can come up with some instructions.

    OK – ignore every thing we’ve said up till now.. 🙂

    I think your problem is entirely in your “Fast forward-I am back on track!” post. It contains some HTML code that runs some java script. It also contains the <noscript /> tag that is messing everything up. That post may even look empty when you go to edit it. But it is not! The best thing you can do is go into your Manage posts screen and delete that post and start it over.

    I think that will get everything back to normal. Let us know. My email is in my profile if you wish to contact me directly. heh – I just remembered the bedroom is all rearranged and we’ve no place to sleep tonight till I get it back together again. So I might not get back to you for a little bit, but I will check back.

    Hi Brian, hope you found a place to sleep!
    When I go to my blog, there is no header, or any place to click on manage post. Can you help?

    The script that is killig everything is from geocities. Do you have any plugins or adds that have something to do with geocities. If so, get rid of them and see if that does the trick.

    Also, update your site link in your profile, it’s missing “.com”. And place a link in a post to your site to make it easier for others to help. Let us know if this works.

    There is also one at the bottom from:

    This seems to be, in effect, closing the the errant <noscript /> that starts with the one I mentioned above (geocities). So basiaclly, get rid of these (at least the geocities) and I’m thinking you will be able to see all of your content again.

    Hi Suzanne,

    To delete that post, as I think you need to do, just click on this link:

    You’ll have to log in and everything of course. So, anyone who hasn’t logged in as an administrator can’t access that link directly. So having it here poses no new security risk to your blog. Once that post is gone, I think you’ll be in great shape again.

    Let us know!

    You may mark this as resolved.

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