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    I have a brain injury and didn’t see that when I tried to ask this before, I didn’t write the question accurately.

    It’s my desktop pages that are fast, and my AMP pages, using this plugin, that are slow.

    Why are my AMP pages 14 times slower than my desktop pages???

    Desktop – .8 seconds to load (less than one second)
    AMP – 13.2 seconds to load


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Firstly sorry to hear of your injury. Hopefully we can assist with your query based on the information provided.

    In relation to your AMP pages that is unusual, from my side after performing various tests I can see your AMP URLs are performing much faster than your canonical (non AMP URLs). You’ll see an example below (AMP report | canonical report):

    There are many factors taken into consideration when calculating your score, including your hosting configurations.

    If you find the site remains slow on your side feel free to share any additional insights and we’d be happy to investigate your setup.

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    Hi James,
    Thanks. I just used the pagespeed data. According to pagespeed my amp site using this plugin, is 14 times slower than my desktop.

    And still, 5/5/21, no Adsense on my amp pages, whereas they are on my FAST desktop pages.

    So depressing re AMP.

    Karen Kline

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    I want to show you the pagespeed data, but when I take a screenshot it doesn’t show when I try to paste it here.

    What do you use to show screen shots?

    And, where do I find the view that you posted? I’ve looked and looked and can’t find that kind of display.

    I enabled caching, and my mobile report got worse.

    I would pay a tech to come here and help me, but the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I invested to make Google happy so that my site would show in search… for the last year(s) was all apparently wasted… So so so depressing.

    Hi @considerthis1,

    The forums do not support screenshot uploads, so you can share one via a link generated by Imgur or JumpShare.

    I’d like my colleague James to reply to your other questions, as he’s been helping you here to this point. He will get back to you on Monday.


    Thanks for the update. I’ve checked just now and your AMP URLs have a much improved performance score over your canonical URL (67 vs 11)

    And, where do I find the view that you posted? I’ve looked and looked and can’t find that kind of display.

    I performed a speed analysis using, which uses the same lighthouse technology used by PageSpeed Insights. You can perform an analytics yourself.

    I would pay a tech to come here and help me, but the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I invested to make Google happy so that my site would show in search…

    Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we can only assist with issues pertaining to the AMP plugin, and based on the tests performed on your site I can see vast improvements on your AMP URLs already. If you’re able to get hold of an expert to review your site and assist with any opportunities you may be able to boost performance further, with factors such as hosting, a persistant object cache and other areas to look at.

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    I have 121 visits so far today, that’s because less than a quarter of my visitors come from mobile… because google refuses to show my amp pages because they are so slow… NOT my fault! So irritating. Nearly everyone uses mobile, so I’m being wrongly deprived of visits from people who actually look for the information on my site… I started my site 2 decades ago, today there are dozens of copies.
    SO irritating. And you give me “Cannonical” because “desktop” is too pleb for a tech to write. It’s going to take me MONTHS to get a $100 payment from Adsense when I get NO search visitors because of the slow amp pages. So irritating.

    Hi @considerthis1 – just stopping by as I’ve seen and resolved similar issues before.

    One thing I’d like to explain is about PageSpeed Insights. When Google PSI measures mobile performance, they simulate a slower connection, using “throttling” – what this means is, under Lab (not real world performance) the mobile site on a responsive site is almost always slower than the desktop version.

    Not 14x slower, but usually a little slower.

    In your case, your AMP page has an “initial server response time” of 7+ seconds. This means your web server is taking over 7 seconds to begin sending the AMP page at all.

    I can think of a potential reason why, too – it’s likely your hosting is caching your desktop version (because it does not have the query string – the ?amp part ) and not caching the AMP version.


    1) Your server is caching desktop – but not caching a page with a query string. To test, performance scan the following URL: and see how it performs in mobile and desktop

    2) Assuming caching is hiding slow server performance, maybe migrating to a new host will help.

    In my personal experience, this AMP plugin has helped my and many client sites to load extremely quickly, so it is not likely to be down to the plugin itself – although there’s clearly something amiss in your setup somewhere.

    Plugin Author Weston Ruter


    Yes, it is essential that page caching is enabled in WordPress, especially for AMP pages due to the additional processing required. We have written some documentation about that: Page Caching with AMP and WordPress.

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    Thank you, Rob. It’s really nice to see a response that’s in ordinary language… I’m not tech savvy, and find it hard to appreciate google tech replies that are heavy on github type language.

    When it comes to the testing thing, I’m a unclear how I test it in mobile and desktop. Do you mean I should make a page with it?

    Entering the URL and running SiteKit’s pagespeed

    it gives AMP/Mobile
    Total Blocking Time 2,520 ms POOR
    Largest Contentful Paint 11.7 s POOR
    Cumulative Layout Shift 0.003 GOOD

    Properly size images
    Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy
    Remove unused JavaScript`

    it gives desktop
    Total Blocking Time 610 ms POOR
    Largest Contentful Paint 0.9 s GOOD
    Cumulative Layout Shift 0.003 GOOD`

    Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy
    Remove unused JavaScript
    Eliminate render-blocking resources

    So, four times slower?

    I have tried innumerable things over several years to eliminate render-blocking, with almost no success. As far as I can tell only tech savvy website people can achieve that…

    Does this tell you whether the caching is wrong for mobile?

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    Hi Weston,
    I’m using WP Super Cache.

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    Hi again, RobScott,
    I use InMotionHosting after comparing speeds of over a dozen top hosting companies. I used the expensive server thing, but when google stopped showing my site in search I had to move to a shared server. I was getting hundreds of dollars a month from adsense, that dropped to less than ten dollars a month. It’s so depressing. I’m old. My site was my way of feeling useful and alive.

    Hi @considerthis1 – you might be able to configure WP Supercache to make sure it caches the AMP pages. The server response time suggests it is not – but it is for desktop. This explains the difference in response time between the two.

    There may be other ways around this too – including:

    * Hosting migration (so the uncached load is faster – but still you’d want to fix the page caching)
    * Make sure WP Supercache is caching ?amp content correctly – or look at another full page caching plugin (like WP Rocket) which may be easier to configure
    * “Proxy Cache” at DNS level, via a (free) service like CloudFlare – which would also need configuring to make sure it also caches ?amp content.


    It looks to me like WP Supercacher is caching your AMP content. I lighthouse tested and your AMP content loads okay. It is a little slower in mobile than in desktop (this is expected – because Lighthouse simulates a slower connection – it is not actually slower). Note this is loading the exact same page – the AMP page.

    Loading the non AMP page does yield faster performance in desktop.

    It’s never been 14s+ on any of these tests – so it looks to me like you’ve got caching working.

    The performance of AMP and non AMP are roughly equal, e.g.:

    This is looking ok to me right now. To gain more speed, you’d need to get granular – and into quite advanced topics!

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    Hi Rob, so nice of you to help. Yes, it was much slower for a week or two and then something happened and it got vastly faster. Thank goodness.

    When I used AMP for WP and paid for their caching, my pages loaded in a couple of milliseconds. I stopped using it because I thought it was the reason I wasn’t getting the lightening bolt designation in search. I’m thinking of going back to it, except the mobile website with Primer and your AMP is prettier…

    I used to spend huge amounts of time on my site, but now that I can’t get Google to show my site, my enthusiasm is dampened.

    Thank you again, I so SO much appreciate your help. 🙂

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    WoW… I just realized that one of your images is for AMP. I didn’t know GTMetrix could do amp. Is that how you have to write it, /?amp with no final slash?

    Really and truly, is that an AMP test????

    This is wonderful to know… Thank you so so SO much!!!!!

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