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  • The 3 column format offers so much more real estate, that I’m surprised I can’t find more.

    Is there an issue of bugs with the 3-column format?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I find most 3 column theme to be too busy.
    (says me creating a 3 col for his next theme….)

    And ‘real estate’ depends on screen size ?

    It is just that an average blogger needs only that much functionality. Those, who keep more informational sites favor the three column layout.

    Is is a big pain to modify an existing 2-column theme into a 3-column?

    Themes I like:
    Blix (who doesn’t like blix 🙂 )
    North-West Coders
    Minimalist plus

    I use Treacle for my main site

    Most of the 3-column themes I’ve seen are too ‘flat’ for my tastes. Trisexual Theme is also good except the colors are too busy for me.
    I’ll have to look into other ones. Links would help.

    Thanks for the link to jarkolicious! That’s one pretty theme…

    I don’t mind the colors, it’s all the links, that make it ‘busy’ for my eyes. BUT, I’m nitpicking on that…it’s REALLY a lovely, very professional-looking theme.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “Blix (who doesn’t like blix 🙂 )”
    Me !

    “a big pain to modify an existing 2-column theme into a 3-column?”
    It is not as easy as it looks if you are unfamiliar with css.

    Podz, PODZ…you don’t like Blix?!?! Tsk, tsk…

    I think it’s awesome. Nice, simple, easy-on-the-eyes. But I’m having a visual love affair with a couple of new themes I’ve seen today.

    I wish there were some easier ways to find some of the better-looking themes. I’ve used the ‘viewer’ here, but it seems that some of the better looking ones have made it in… (Not ‘griping’…just commenting 🙂 )

    I like the subtlty of this theme
    I didn’t even realize it was 3-columns at first because the right-most column is for flickr previews.

    But if you really want a mind blower look at this 4-column theme…

    I use 2 because it’s all I need and 3 is messy.

    “Blix (who doesn’t like blix 🙂 )”
    Me !

    Me neither. Not a big fan of it. Of course I’m not a big fan of a lot of the canned themes out there. 75% of them pretty much look the same. Mine included no doubt. There’s only so much one can realy do on the originality front. I usualy find it easier to create my own.

    I prefer 2 col layouts primarily because content should be king. You get more than 2 cols, and your “side” info starts to become the focal point. I try (note “TRY”) to keep the side bar for navigation, and a few extra tidbits. Take a look at my latest work. In my opinion it’s clean, simple and elegant, and allows the content to remain at the focal point of the view.

    However, blogs are supposed to be personable at the same time, and have a tendency to reflect the personality of the writer. There’s nothing wrong with that.


    Could have never produced “blix”, far as I’m concerned. NOT my idea of a “neat” theme, and it’s a royal PITA to work with from a lot of angles. Just do a search – there are probably a hundred threads in the last few months about problems of various kinds with it….

    If you try to help WP users here in the forum – you start to hate Blix because of the zillion questions (as vkaryl pointed out).
    Simple? Simple, my a**… 🙂 – Newbies should be banned from using it (OK, it’s not the only one in this category).

    I’ve looked at a LOT of blogs, and I still really like blix because it’s clean with lots of white space.

    Hey Moshu, I like yours, too!! I REALLY like white space 🙂

    I’ve hired someone to install and ‘fix’ blix for me, so hopefully it will turn out ok.

    To me, the design doesn’t get in the way of the content, and it’s easy to navigate around the blog.

    What type of problems have people been having? I won’t be making a ton of mods…once it’s loaded, and my header is customized, I’m only going to be blogging.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    What type of problems have people been having [with Blix]?

    After scouting about a zillion themes, I finally picked Blix as my starting board because it was clean and uncluttered which I happen to like. I’m not one for LOUD colours or loud themes, either, for that matter and Blix is neither of those.

    In keeping with the learnng process, I’ve since modified the theme severely to suit myself, and my needs and I haven’t had any probs with it re:coding or design.

    I converted the original Blix theme into a 3 col liquid layout without any difficulties or problems and to answer HealthGurl’s query, No. I don’t believe converting existing 2 column layouts into 3 column layouts to be any more difficult than crafting a 2 column layout from scratch.

    If you know CSS & HTML and you have the time and patience you can craft anything from anything.

    To suggest baning newbies from using Blix“, which IS A CLEAN LOOKING THEME is ridiculous and a narrow point of view, even jokingly. Because if you did, actually, do that then you’d have to ban everyone (newbies) from using WordPress.

    Let’s face it: you support guys/girls get a hellva lot MORE requests for help from newbies using WP than one CLEAN LOOKING Theme.

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