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  • Trying to port from Movable Type and having some problems.
    One that makes no sense at all is that the Edit page is now showing the last five posts — it’s showing those following it.
    They’re in the dropbox but when I try to view, no post is returned.
    They’re in the database. They’re the last by date.
    What’s the deal?
    Somehow when they were saved, they were saved as no status, so they didn’t show on list.
    How can I get draft posts to show in the edit list? I am assuming that one can put a post into draft mode and then post other entries and then come back and edit it.
    Makes no sense otherwise.
    And is there any page anywhere that just gives a list of entries, without having to display the page? It’s messy and difficult to read.

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  • Only five posts are shown cause you set a variable that says how many posts should be shown on the main page as 5.
    To edit a post, use the search form at the top, and type in something from the post that you want to edit, and it will show up in the edit page.
    Or better still, when you are viewing the post you want to edit in your blog, if you are logged in as the author of the post, you can click the “Edit this” button – which is how I edit my posts when I have to.

    I’m aware of the 5 count setting — draft mode posts are not showing in the page even if they are one of the last 5.
    And I see the title of the post in the list in the dropbox to the far right. But when I click View, nothing comes up.
    But the text of the post is in the database.

    Found it.
    The import-mt program created a username, which happened to have the same nickname as the one I gave myself as admin. I thought I was logged in as that user, but was logged in as admin. Once I found this out, logged in as the person with the name, I could see the drafts, lined up one after another.
    I have a lot of old posts in draft. I will recommend to people before moving from MT _NOT_ to import draft posts. To either publish them, or change the posting status to private, or something — because it’s not particularly easy to work with.
    Live and learn

    Maybe this is the problem I’m having. But, you’d think if you’re admin, you could see EVERYTHING. This feels very much like a bug and I humbly request that it be looked into and “fixed” for the next version.
    In my case, I’m logged in as admin and I edited a post that was in “publish” status, under a different user account. Post disappeared after I hit “save” instead of “publish” (see my other thread). I’ll try logging in as that user and seeing if it shows up.

    Well, I take that back. I can’t seem to login as the user that originally made the post. When I imported my MT database, it created the user automatically… and the password I had in MT doesn’t work for it. How the heck I get in there?

    Ocean: I have written a quick hack for the import-mt.php file which now allows you to define the author for the imported entries. If you want to, using this new import-mt.php, you could import all entries, with admin (or even a new username) as author/owner.
    I have tried on my test blog, with quite a few variations, and it seems to work fine. If you do you it, I would appreciate it if you could let me know how it went.
    To use it, get import-mt.phps
    and rename it as import-mt.php and save it in your /wp-admin folder.
    Delete all posts you have imported already.(An easy way to do that would be to delete the user of the imported posts)
    Run and follow the instructions.

    Thank you, 2fargon! Gotta pull a 10 hour shift at work tonight, but I will be trying this out this weekend. 🙂 I’ll certainly let you know how it goes.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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