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  • I have been searching for 3 days now for a simple plugin for eiother Picasa or Flickr. There are a tone out there for each but NONE of the ones I have tried either work with WP 3+ or all they do is a static image display which only refreshes upon page refresh. has an awesome Rotating Image plugin that nicely and efficiently rotates through images, but only ones you manually upload to the plugin.

    All I want is one that does just that but based off of image uploaded to Flickr or Picasa. I want to be able to be at an event, take a pic with my phone (any smart phone, iPhone in my specific case) and get that image uploaded to a public album on one of the image hosting services. Then, just have a simple plugin that watches that service and randomly chooses a pic to add. The phone part is easy, I am using Pixelpipe to upload (it uploads to multiple photo storage websites and is on many smart phones).

    But why in all hell do none of the Flickr or Picasa plugins not allow for random image rotation from a public album?

    Am I asking for the moon and the stars with this request? It seems like an awful easy thing to do for someone who can create plugins.

    And if there IS a plugin that does this can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction as my frustration level is at an all-time high right now.

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