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  • Okay, I realize this will come off sounding all gripey rather than constructive, but I think I have a legimitate complaint, here.

    Why are some “comments” called “posts”? Say somebody makes a new blog entry. I get email notifications with the subject “New Post”. That’s all well and good. But then somebody comments on that blog entry “Haha, you’re right”… and I get another email notification with the same subject. Well… it’s NOT a new post, it’s just a comment. Why is it called that? This is especially annoying in Gmail, where emails with near-identical subject lines are grouped into “Conversations”. Sometimes I am just too busy to read all the comments, but also, if I archive the notification of the new blog entry, I want it to stay archived. This is made impossible when it keeps getting brought back into my inbox every single time somebody makes a comment. Would it be so radical of an idea for the email subject lines for posts to say “New Post” and the comments to say “New Comment” – especially since SOME of the comments arbitrarily are categorized as comments while some are not?

    It’s just very weird and counterintuitive. I don’t want to unsubscribe entirely from email notifications, but that might be my only choice. In fact, if there is an option to simply subscribe to the new blog posts WITHOUT getting notified for comments, sign me up for that.


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  • You don’t say if this problem is on your personal blog or if it is on blogs for which you have subscribed.

    A blog to which I subscribed.

    Usually at the bottom of the blog after I comment,(or at least he ones I subscribe to there are two tick boxes…

    Notify me of follow-up comments via email
    Notify me of new posts via email.

    If i don’t click on the comments, then I don’t get everybody and their dog.

    Some just have the comments box. I think it depends on the theme and on what platform.

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