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[resolved] Why are all the cart orders in the trash? (4 posts)

  1. kcoyne12
    Posted 2 years ago #

    When I go to see all the cart orders they are all in the trash. Why is that?


  2. mra13
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    If a customer doesn't complete the order then it goes to trash. It will only be shown to the main orders tab if the customer actually paid for it.

  3. Cheryl Smith
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I sent a test using a dummy product for a penny. The order was paid for via PayPal but the only evidence I see of it is the trash. And I only know that because of the date stamp. So there is nothing in Cart Order. What is the purpose of Cart Order if nothing is placed there?

  4. Can Oezbay
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am having the same exact problem.
    I have been testing with a sandbox account, and so far all three orders went to trash.

    Checked the debugger, and I am getting a restful response from paypal, also I can see the address embedded in the response.

    Yet, still, everything goes to trash, and when I restore, I can't see any of the information that's supposed to show in the cart orders.

    Here's the debugger output. I hope you can make a meaning out of this.

    [ Moderator note: please wrap code in backticks or use the code button. ]

    [10/11/2013 10:40 PM] - SUCCESS :Paypal Class Initiated by **IP ADDRESS HERE NOT POSTING SORRY **
    [10/11/2013 10:40 PM] - SUCCESS :Post string : mc_gross=6.00&protection_eligibility=Ineligible&address_status=confirmed&item_number1=&payer_id=5VU9HJQKFVSCN&tax=0.00&address_street=1+Main+St&payment_date=19%3A39%3A57+Oct+11%2C+2013+PDT&payment_status=Pending&charset=windows-1252&address_zip=95131&mc_shipping=1.00&mc_handling=0.00&first_name=payment&address_country_code=US&address_name=payment+sandbox&notify_version=3.7&custom=wp_cart_id%3D1097%26ip%3D96.236.148.24&payer_status=verified&address_country=United+States&num_cart_items=1&mc_handling1=0.00&address_city=San+Jose&verify_sign=AFcWxV21C7fd0v3bYYYRCpSSRl31ATVZaY0sOEMJyqZ2e-YzbHveihvJ&payer_email=sandbox%40canozbay.com&mc_shipping1=1.00&tax1=0.00&txn_id=5AF81595SD996950V&payment_type=instant&last_name=sandbox&address_state=CA&item_name1=After+6pm+CD&receiver_email=info%40canozbay.com&quantity1=1&pending_reason=unilateral&txn_type=cart&mc_gross_1=6.00&mc_currency=USD&residence_country=US&test_ipn=1&transaction_subject=wp_cart_id%3D1097%26ip%3D96.236.148.24&payment_gross=6.00&ipn_track_id=e3ffbc5ef3f67&
    [10/11/2013 10:40 PM] - SUCCESS :Connection to www.sandbox.paypal.com successfuly completed.
    [10/11/2013 10:40 PM] - SUCCESS :IPN successfully verified.
    [10/11/2013 10:40 PM] - SUCCESS :Creating product Information to send.
    [10/11/2013 10:40 PM] - SUCCESS :Payment Status: Pending
    [10/11/2013 10:40 PM] - SUCCESS :This is not a payment complete notification. This IPN will not be processed.
    [10/11/2013 10:40 PM] - SUCCESS :Paypal class finished.

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