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  • Resolved Angelos Kyritsis


    I installed your awesome plugin yesterday, but within a few hours I ran into the infamous quota error.

    The thing is, Analytics API is supposed to give 50.000 queries per day. How come I am getting the error at 1/5 of that?

    Analytics API

    Is it something on your end, or should I try and contact Google?


    Angelos Kyritsis

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  • Plugin Author maximevalette


    Quota is not only per day it’s also throttled per minute / hour and so on, so you probably hit that limit before.

    Thank you for the quick reply,

    What you say might have made sense, but since I got the error, I had to wait until midnight pacific time (20 minutes ago) for the quotas to be reset and the plugin to work again.

    If it was a per minute/per hour quota, shouldn’t it have worked earlier than the total quota reset? Since I got the error, I tried multiple times to reconnect, but none worked until the reset.

    Plugin Author maximevalette


    I don’t know all of the details for the API throttling but I’m sure it’s more complicated than just “X requests per day” 🙂

    I asked on Stackexchange and it is probably the quota per view (profile) per day.
    So, the question is, can you add the functionality to include more than one profiles in the plugin and switch when one profile reaches the quota? I understand that it would be complicated, but it would effectively increase up to five times the total quota.

    Plugin Author maximevalette


    It’s not in our plans currently as the plugin is only based on my free time, it would add a lot of complexity to it. Plus I’m not sure it’s really based on the view, if it’s on the property it doesn’t change the issue. You should increase your cache duration.

    Thank you for your time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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