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  • I set up the WP about 2 weeks ago. I don’t insert and plugins, the version is 2.03.

    The articles I post before are in good condition. But about 1 hours ago, I post a artile, then I check my blog and found out all the words in the blog become Italics!!!I don’t know the reason. I don’t change anything, but only wrote a post!

    Who can tell me why? I need your help. As you know, all words are in Italics make my blog just like a mess.

    Thanks in advance.

    By the way, my blog is

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  • Typical cut-and-paste from a word processor. Don’t do that.

    <em /> isn’t opened properly and never closed. GIGO.

    Yes, you’re right. I was cut-and-past from word. But only this time. Why the articles before become aitalics too? Ao strange!

    So how can I solve that problem?

    What <em /> mean?

    I’s a green hand in using WP. Wait for your support! Thanks in advance!

    What <em /> mean?

    It is supposed to be <em>Some text here...</em>. “em” is short for ’emphasis’ and is used in xhtml just like <i>(italics) was used in older html (<i> is deprecated).

    Now I slove that problem, for no reason. I cut and paste the article to Notebook, then to WP, and then the solve problem.

    But I want to know, why I do Cut-paste from Word, then It’ll be change the html code of my article?

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