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    “toggle Development Mode On/Off” is one of the most useful and most used functions in this plugin, so why have you decided to removed it?

    I will stay at plugin version 1.3.24 and not update your plugin anymore, until this toggle will be restored. And I think that a lot of other people will do the same…

    Please restore it back, thank you.

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  • Agreed – dev mode and htps protocol rewriting are the most common reason I have to access cloudflare – and the only reason I ever use the plugin.

    Upvote for re-adding the dev mode.

    And another vote. I suspect it’s because the old API might have stopped working, but I can’t tell because the download has gone (see pinned post regarding 302 errors).

    When the fixed download is back up I’ll take a look.


    You can enable Development Mode in the 3.x versions of the plugin by following these steps:

    "homePageCards": ["ApplyDefaultSettingsCard", "PurgeCacheCard", "PluginSpecificCacheCard"],
    "homePageCards": ["ApplyDefaultSettingsCard", "PurgeCacheCard", "PluginSpecificCacheCard", "DevelopmentModeCard"],

    Now you should be able to toggle development mode on the plugin homepage.

    The new 3.0.2. version no longer breaks my site but the SSL is not set properly, I’m getting mixed content.
    HTTPS Protocol Rewriting needs to be brought back, until then I will have to downgrade again.

    I used to be able to extend this plugin in my theme to be able to toggle dev mode via AJAX from the admin bar, but since this new update removes the get_dev_mode_status and set_dev_mode functions I’m no longer able to do this.

    I’d love if this could be a core feature of the plugin itself- it was very handy to have an indicator for dev mode at a glance and have an easy way to toggle it without needing to go 4+ clicks into the WordPress admin interface to get there.

    @jwineman This is a possible solution for people running just one website, who don’t mind updating the file everytime the plugin has an update, but impractical for those of us managing larger client portfolios. Can it not be made into a hook that we can add to functions.php?




    Are you up for hacking the plugin code on all 40 sites? 🙂 What happens when they are updated?

    Surely a better option is to improve the flagging of what the feature does, as opposed to just removing it because some people can;t be bothered to read.

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    I also cannot understand why this feature was removed.



    Hi Guys,

    Can you give me more information about how you’re using development mode?

    What do you use Development Mode to test?
    Are you mass turning it on and off if you manage multiple blogs? If so why?
    Were you turning it on/off in the 1.x plugin before or calling a function in external php code?




    I turn development mode on anytime I work on my code. I have the plugin installed on each of the WordPress sites on my server so that I could toggle dev mode on once and for 3 hours can work on any/all of the sites on the server. So technically I’m “mass turning it on and off”, but I can do it once from any one of those WordPress sites (used to be able to do it with a single click). That being said, it seems like many others have their sites on different servers and must toggle dev mode for each individual site manually.

    Sometimes I’ll notice that things are either cached or have reverted (for example if I’m coding for 6+ hours), and so I’ll need to re-enable dev mode in Cloudflare once or twice during a coding session. What was nice was that my above functions showed the status right in the admin bar so I could see at a glance if dev mode was on or not.

    In 1.x I was turning it on/off by updating the option that the plugin listened for using my own functions file (but still calling functions defined in the Cloudflare plugin). This option in the DB has been removed and so were the functions I was calling.

    I’d also like to see the DevelopmentModeCard moved from config.js to a WordPress option within the Cloudflare settings page so that we don’t need to modify that file after every update. Coincidentally, I was just viewing this thread again when you posted because I just updated the plugin and lost the ability to enable dev mode so I needed to copy/paste that snippet you provided again… I feel like I shouldn’t have to bookmark this thread (or save that snippet in a repo) in order to update settings.

    Hope that’s enough info- I tried to answer as in depth as possible. Thanks.



    @jwineman – Once a site is finished, if clients want additional changes, it’s sometimes easier to do it on the live site. Or if it’s my own and I’m tinkering, it’s handy to have everything in one place rather than logging in to separate sites. It’s the convenience mainly – time is money and all that!



    It is simply the case that I have Cloudflare page rule set to “cache all” for my WordPress site.
    Which means Cloudflare also caches the pages, so you can’t see changes properly.

    So I simple toggle “development” mode on, which toggles Cloudflare development mode of course, and then I can simply work on the site, update it and then toggle the switch back at the end.



    Development Mode – Temporarily bypass our cache allowing you to see changes to your origin server in realtime.

    I was in the CF Beta. This was a huge problem for some hosts because of the early days of how caching did, and did not always work especially on 2010 WP sites.

    I never had much of a problem seeing changes pushed out while logged in but with advanced plugins like comet cache and autoptimize I do sometimes toggle it in the back end of a site I’m working on. It’s very convenient, like the new feature to purge the entire CF cache from the backend. It’s not consistent with why you have it at all if not everywhere.

    thx always,



    If we exposed a global in wp-config.php that let you toggle development mode would that solve your use case?

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