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  1. sparkyireland
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Guys, can you offer any knowledge.

    I have two sites set up using WordPress (Which I love btw)

    I have an unlimited hosting plan via 123-reg and I thought I was quickly becoming an expert in the whole 123-WordPress marriage

    My method for installation is as follows.

    Map domain in question to root /

    Then install wordpress at domain: example.com/example

    Then change mapping from root to: example.com/example

    This method has previously got me two working sites that I can access the admin panel via: example.com/wp-admin

    Not this time though, firstly I have a website that looks striped down and not displaying correctly and an un-accessible admin panel.

    The domain in question (fuso-ni.co.uk) I have used the same htaccess files that work in my other sites etc (I have been caught out before forgetting those)

    Any ideas? Many thanks in advance

    PS: I should point out that I have found 123-reg's mapping section pretty hit and miss this last few days, I have tried a few browsers and it works best with Chrome for some reason :)

  2. CPC Mike
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Using your example above, if you installed your site at example.com/example then your login wold be example.com/example/wp-admin.

    Apparently you had your site installed to the fuso subfolder. Your theme is not loading since it is looking here:


    Restoring your files to the EXACT directory structure as installed should get you running.

  3. webfusiononline
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I work here at 123-reg.

    Can you please confirm if you are still experiencing this issue as I have visited fuso-ni.co.uk and it loaded for me. If you are | will be happy to offer any help I can.



  4. sparkyireland
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you guys for the replies.

    Nerys, since starting the thread : fuso-ni.co.uk has now started to display correctly (You are correct). Although problems I previously experienced with that domain are now on the latest domain I am trying to get up and running :

    jandfvans.com. If you check you will see that it is not currently displaying correctly. I spoke to Adina (from 123) and she informed me that I should allow 48 hours as this is the necessary time for propagation.

    If this is the case then I presume if I wait a little longer then the sites will display correctly?

    To confirm the method of installation (This is on unlimited and attached to fusoni.co.uk)

    Set domain mapping of the domain to route, install wordpress via 123 apps (In this case to jandfvans.com/vans) then when installation has complete change mapping from route to jandfvans.com/vans.

    This method has 3 websites working perfectly for me via 123's unlimited hosting and wordpress, and I should just quickley point out that I love wordpress, and that 123 have always been excellent with support etc.

    So what I done as a trial also is set my own domain up in the same way (sparkywalsh.co.uk/sparky (I think)) But as you will see it also does not display correctly, we kind of have a stripped version of wordpress. Should I give it more time?

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