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  • There really needs to be a way to view the IDs of Categories and Posts / Pages in the Manage area

    Whether you are setting up querys or trying to associate a post to a ID in the Database while in MySql Admin trying to find the ID number is just INSANE

    You have to go to Manage then hover over the item and look in the Address Bar of your Browser then read the URL and hope you see cat_ID=239 or post=94743

    That is really useless when you have pages of posts and more then 20 categories…..

    This is a real usability problem that will have you pretty ticked off unless you have nothing more then a index.php and 1 category.

    Please dont wait for a major upgrade


    thanks :o)

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  • I agree, I’m not sure why it was removed, but that doesn’t mean you have to abuse and rant. I’m pretty sure the developers will know how people think about this one by now.

    That is strange. I use Firefox and IE constantly (I would imagine it would appear the same in any other browser using a progress bar), and all I have to do is roll over any page, post or category with my cursor (while logged in and in the “manage” area of course), and the page, post or cat_id number appears quite clearly in the progress bar in the bottom of my browser.

    yea clayton I kinda pointed that out but when you are trying to find a post by id number because you need to do something like change the hit count on the Most Popular db and you have a few thousand posts are you saying it is reasonable to go through pages and pages of posts and hover over each post?

    or would it be better to have the posts listed with IDs and maybe even be able to sort by ID in the manage area

    that way you can find that old post about britney spears and take it off the top 10 most popular list and replace it with a madonna post….

    its a usability issue for people that need to manage their site.


    Its kinda like trying to deliver pizzas without house numbers on mail boxes…. it can be done but there are gonna be a lot of mad an hungry people.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    thanks otto

    its a usability issue for people that need to manage their site.

    Ohhhhh!!!!!!! My bad… (steps over the growing puddle of thinly veiled condescension). You’re a POWER user. You have a legitimate concern then. You can keep Britney and Madonna for all I care, but I’ll take a pizza if you’re ever out this way…

    Just out of curiosity, is the plugin described in ticket #6315 a viable temporary alternative to plucking your way through hundreds of britney posts? Or does it not really work that well? I see that it was suggested that… and I quote;

    “The people who need IDs are savvy enough to find them or install a plugin to expose them.” …(04/08/08 01:22:17 changed by ryan).

    I guess it’s rather a matter of perspective. I for one, although only a lowly user possessing less than Super-Blogging-Management skills, tend to agree with Otto’s (as well as apparently your), opinion that it should be built in functionality. Hope it all works out in 2.6.

    Just funnin’ ‘ya some… be well!


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