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  • Here is a question for you.

    Since the update to 2.0 anyone using programs like blogjet, post2blog or ecto

    have suddenly found that the new 2.0 doesnt work well with them.


    Blogjet, you do your post in it. and put the extended entry LINE ( more tag ) in it. and then upload.. everything uploads ok and displays EXCEPT the more tag. ( it has been removed by wordpress )

    I asked blogjet support they said, its not us its wordpress.. they need to fix it ?

    Post2blog – Since 2.0 you can not upload images the way you could before, You cannot use post2blogs insert chitika or insert adsense into post.. what happens is.. when you create a post and upload it.. 2.0 blog doesnt show the image as it never got uploaded, and adsense plus chitika dont display in your post.

    Post2blogs support response was : we are waiting for 2.01 as that is when it will be fixed. Basically its wordpress not us.. and we cant fix it as its not our issue.

    So question is.. Who the bloody hell issue is it? as Im pretty sure wordpress is going to turn around and say.. Well its not our issue.. we dont make out software to be compatible with every software on the market.. they have to make it compatible with us.

    So…. who is the culprit?

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