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    Dear Author:

    Thank you for the wonderful plugin, I really don’t like to shoot questions unless I try some solutions here first, but I’m at a loss already on why things were working and now they’re not.

    I’m the webmaster for and we’re using your plugin. The pinit button was working fine and now it’s not, it gives me the message:

    We’re having some trouble talking to Please try again later!

    I’ve done a couple of things so far:

    • Turned the button’s Dynamic version on as suggested in the read me
    • Made sure no Cache plugin was installing making an issue.
    • I’ve turned on Debug mode.

    Currently when I get this message I’m looking at the developer’s console and I get an error 408 on this URL:

    Any ideas on what might be wrong or how this could be fixed? I’ll gladly post more info here if necessary.


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    I’m pretty sure this issue isn’t caused by the plugin. It’s just like the message says, Pinterest has some issues then trying to connect to the website.

    I get the same error on a non-wordpress site. The odd thing is that it only happens with PNG images. Is the same thing happening to you?

    I can’t find any docs on the API errors from Pinterest.

    I got this JSON response from the PinIt plugin page.

    “resource_response”: {“data”: null, “error”: {“api_error_code”: 234, “message”: “We’re having some trouble talking to <myurlgoeshere>. Please try again later!”, “code”: “API_ERROR”, “target”: “<webapp.resources.pin_resource.PinResource object at 0x141dde50>”, “http_status”: 408}

    Hi, the author was right… it wasn’t his plugin. I was on Hostgator and now moved to Bluehost.

    I did this based on a recommendation about someone mentioning that my problem was being caused by the server configuration being used by Hostgator, I didn’t completely comprehend the issue but he mentioned something about CURL and the request always timing out because of that.

    Sorry I’m not of more help, but I thought I’d drop by and share this with anyone having similar or the same issues… it works 99.99% of the time on Bluehost now, even though we do get the error very rarely but then it pins on the 2nd try.

    It is definitely something on these specific servers. I have no idea where to look. I can’t see the failed request in the server logs because it never gets that far. I’m going to have to talk to our network guy and look at it from that level.

    I’ve also submitted a ticket to Pinterest in hopes that they can give me any more information. If I get anywhere, I will update this thread.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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