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Whole WP Blog disappeared from GoDaddy, after working install

  • My blog is (If I Only) Had a Brain at this URL.. I had it up and running, with a few fixes needed, and a bit of odd behavior in plugins, this past Saturday. The host is GoDaddy. com; the type of hosting is Unix.

    Hadabrain is conceptualized as a low-traffic blog,a content-management system for occasional long posts. One weird event was that when I listed it with Technorati, it immediately received “one blog with 12 links have linked to your site” and yet apparently it was a self-link within Hadabrain that accounts for that listing.

    But, back to the main question. The new blog, Hadabrain, was up and running when I went to bed the day I built it. When I checked it last night, it wasn’t there at all. I called GoDaddy.com–it’s hosted there on a minimal cost hosting plan. According to Miles, in Technical Support, the difficulty, the reason for the blank screen, is that there is nothing, or almost nothing, in the “index.php” file.

    When I view the website source, I get a minimalistic outline of an anonymous html web site, as follows:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
    <META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"></HEAD>

    When I view WordPress for this installation on my hard drive, I get, for index.php, the following:

    /* Short and sweet */
    define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);

    When I use my ftp client to examine the web site, everything is there, and the index.php file reads as follows:

    /* Short and sweet */
    define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);

    Now a little more information. I used the instructions I found in one of the support threads here for GoDaddy installation of WordPress. Now GoDaddy instructs users to set up a minimalistic web site (filling in the source shown in my first example above?). I didn’t do that, because the instructional post here didn’t suggest it, and, of course, because everything worked, at first; also I didn’t do that because I could not conceptualize how a minimum web page had anything to do with a WP install.

    A final note: the first and only post on Hadabrain is extremely long–I think the word count is around 10,000.


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  • You need to take a look at your database. I haven’t a clue what the idiots at gd tell you to use for a client to look at your database.

    First suggestion: get a real host.

    Hi Petersig,

    That sounds somewhat like what happened to me with my provider (Lunarpages). I installed WP earlier today. Made my customizations and posted several messages. When I walked away from my computer I had a working blog. When I came back a couple hours later to add another post, everything was gone. The blog was right back in the same initial state it had been in on finishing the install.

    I have asked on the forums here, and more recently sent emails off to Lunarpages support. Unfortunately I still have no answers.


    The idiots at gd (well-named) have a client to look at MySQL, if that’s what you mean. OK. Getting to *their* ControlPanel, I scroll down to the MySQL choice. Clicking on that correctly shows that I have one MySQL database. Moving in further, the MySQL client is by Starfield Technologies. <Is this what you mean?> Somewhere in the process I come to a scary page that just lists my account, and says databases “none.” But I can use the Starfield Technologies client to go further, and bring up all the WP / Hadabrain blog information, so it is there. I think a setting or permission may be incorrectly set. Does that sound right?

    Yes, on getting another host, I investigated SolidLoad by HostingDirect, which gives a minimum WordPress blog account for $2.95 per month, on a pay by the month basis, no setup fee. That is minimum, 50MB data, 1 gigabyte traffic, one MySQL database, no subdomains (there goes “ifIonly.hadabrain.net”) More capacity and MySQL databases cost additional sums per month; you could reach a point where a different plan worked better, if you planned to grow. But for a no-traffic, content management/parking WP blog, it would be fine. The downside is major discouragement for tech support phone calls–support tickets, email, no chat, no 24/7.

    Anyway, I’ll call GoDaddy and see if someone will look at the missing MySQL database that is really there! If not, I’ll do as you suggest, and go somewhere else that knows something about WP.

    Hi Petersig,

    Using phpMyAdmin, I can go in and look at the database. My data is gone. You know how on the manage tab you can delete posts – well it’s as though WP went in and deleted all my posts. The only ones in the DB now are the default posts that were there at the completion of the install. I did go in and edit the default post to have it reflect what I wanted to say but the edit has been undone and its back to its original state (see http://artsnova.com/blog/). It’s as if all the DB mods I did were replaced with the default DB. I have a problem ticket open with my hosting service as I can’t rule out the possibility that they created the problem and WP (and myself) are innocent victims.


    GoDaddy does use phpMyAdmin. See link for details:

    Consider using phpMyAdmin to make sure your wp_options table has the correct values in siteurl and home.

    siteurl is your WordPress address (URI) and home is your Blog Address (URI).

    Maybe your host restored databases and you weren’t notified.

    If that isn’t the case is it possible another installation of WordPress happened and that the database prefix ($table_prefix in your wp-config.php file) is different for this install? Or maybe even a whole different database. Or if something like Fantastico was run to install another copy of WordPress?

    Hi MichaelH,

    Thank you for these solid suggestions. Lunarpages had no answer for the problem. Folks on another server had lost their data updates in MySQL from the day before. I was told that was not the case for me. They had no idea. I have gone ahead and reinstalled WP. My first install, done Friday the 13th, had to ultimately be redone and this will be the 3rd install so I hope there’s truth to that 3rd times a charm stuff.

    Thanks, Jim

    Yeah, just in case, copy and paste your posts to a local file until they get done hosing your database 😉

    Good Luck.

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