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  • Hi, I’m in serious trouble. I’m an intern at a company and i’m setting up a wordpress locally on my computer using MAMP. No one here is IT experts.
    Everything was fine untill i was editing a footer page for the theme via wordpress editor. I cut out a piece of code and updated. then everything went blank. Then I went backwards to put the piece of code back in place and updated, but it was too late.

    Any ideas what happened and how to fix it?

    Best regards

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  • Hi magnusbonde

    That’s why I don’t use the built-in theme editor. I prefer making adjustments in a plain text editor then uploading the changed file. A blank screen indicates a PHP error.

    Do you have a copy of the unchanged file?

    Yes i believe i still have the php file for that certain section

    This website is currently on your computer? Simply overwrite the changed file with the original one.

    If this was a remote site you’d upload the original via ftp.



    Hi Magnus, if you can access the site via FTP as Len suggested, replace the footer you were editing. It may take a bit of hunting to find it, but it should be in wp-content/themes/<theme name>/<file.php>. If you were using a theme from another location or repository, you can download a clean copy and just replace the affected file/section.

    If you don’t have FTP access, but you can SSH, you may be able to edit the file via text editor from the console.

    Thanks for the help guys. It worked. I’m so happy right now!

    You’re welcome. Glad to see you got it sorted out. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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