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    Hi Tobias,

    Since a few days, a quite large website came to a halt – it wouldn’t load at all or very, very slow. The organisation I’m building it with, is filling their own tables. We found out, that TablePress is the plugin that grinds the whole system to a halt, the front and the backend. Disabling TablePress it turns everything back to normal.

    We are developing on a Genesis Framework en using a child theme.

    Any thoughts on this? I would like to export the tables – but even that is impossible as the system freezes.



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    Hi Micha,

    thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

    Could you maybe post some more details for this? How exactly did you find that TablePress is causing this? Are you getting error messages in the server log files?
    Also, can you give me some statistics on the count and size of the tables?

    And what do you mean with “the system freezes”? The web browser?


    Hi Tobias,

    The Service provider ran a test and they found this response time after activating one plugin at a time:

    Genesis Layout Extras                               0m0.877s
    Genesis Simple Edits                                0m0.860s
    Genesis Simple Hooks                                0m0.867s
    Genesis Simple Sidebars                             0m0.854s
    Genesis Toolbar Extras                              0m0.893s
    Google Site Verification plugin using Meta Tag      0m0.861s
    Gravity Forms Toolbar                               0m0.867s
    Media Library AssistantWordPress Importer           0m1.006s *
    WordPress Importer                                  0m1.046s
    WP Document Revisions                               0m1.009s
    WP Robots Txt                                       0m1.006s
    TablePress                                          0m7.855s *

    When I say ‘the system freezes’, that means that there is no response from the webserver, not even on index.php where there is *no* table active, or at the backend at WP-ADMIN. It times out.

    When I go to the server by FTP there is no lag in response. I’m not on this project every day but the people ‘filling’ the website told me, that the website started lagging after they put hyperlinks in a fairly large table – say: 150 rows, 5 cols.

    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    thanks for that extra information! Unfortunately, I can’t really see what could be causing this. Also, a table with 150 rows and 5 columns is not that big, there are many users with tables much bigger (even the demo table at is bigger…).

    So, there must be something else going on on the server additionally.
    As a start, could you maybe try to increase the PHP memory limit by increasing the value of the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT constant, as described at


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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