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    Suddenly the whole website is going. Everything is there in the FTP and database. But the whole page cannot be displayed.

    in IE it says “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”
    in FF there is just a blank page
    in Opera there is just a blank page

    Does anyone know why this is?

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  • What were you doing when it went down?

    Were you editing the templates/plugins/.htaccess etc?

    To see of it’s a plugin that’s causing this, you could rename your /wp-content/plugins/ folder to something WP doesn’t know (so it will think it’s missing) e.g. /wp-content/johnplugins/

    Don’t delete the folder, just rename it.

    If your site comes back (you may need to clear cache) it’s probably a plugin…

    I did not do anything with the site, I don’t use wordpress cache.

    It just happend with several wordpress sites on the same server. So I am wondering if it is a connection problem or a hacker.

    actually, I was trying a plugin called featurific-for-wordpress and it asked me to modify the permissions of the wp-content folder to auto add the code… and well… now.. my backadmin is “blank” and the content section is down but side bars are there…sans a few plugins that havent loaded… i am assuming its permissions.. but thats reset… and a few of the plugins before the admin went blank said fatal error on reactivate

    John, did your site come back?

    Musiq: It sounds like it (at least, yikes!) tried to add code to your template. If you have not made any template tweaks, delete the featurhorrific plugin from your server and then overwrite the template files with the originals from the zip..

    This just happened to my site too! All I did was move the child-theme “shadow” to it’s proper place in the structure at the same level as the main theme “options”.

    Checked with Dreamhost, and able to upload an “index.html” file with “test” in it, and it shows up at my site url. Dreamhost says that means the server is fine, but there is something wrong with the content.

    I have a second website on the same server, and it is fine. Options theme author says it’s not the theme, directed me to come here for support. Both ff and ie and someone with another computer get blank white page when going to my site. I can go using Filezilla and see all the directories there. Webftp from Dreamhost returns an error.

    I’m not a newbie, but I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I checked and my wp-content directory has 755 file permissions. My second site that works fine has the same 755 file permissions.

    Anybody have more ideas what to do with this?

    This is freaky. I have 2 wordpress sites hosted on the same provider (NetFirms) under 2 different domains and they are “blank”. They both just show:


    when I go to the site or the wp-admin page. What’s up with that?

    Update: Mine appears to be a hosting issue as I can’t get into MyPHPAdmin as it throws a 500 error. Hopefully it will get resolved shortly.

    The problem seemed to be Apache 2.2

    It has been restarted and it seems that everything is working again.

    Since my last post, I have restarted Apache 4 times.

    Normally the Apache is restarted on average, once every 3 months.

    Last week I upgraded from Apache 2.0 to 2.2. Does anyone know if there are known problems with wordpress and Apache 2.2?


    I tried your suggestion and renamed my plugin directory. But that did not do it.

    I noticed this happening on my local install on an xp machine too. Changing the plugin directory didn’t help either. Since it is local I just created a new install rather than trying to figure it out because it is a lot faster.

    @john: In addition to poking the plugin folder in the eye, you also have to kick it in the groin. Did you overwrite your theme/template files with a virgin copy? Also, remember to clear your browser cache so that the fresh/true code gets pulled and displayed in your browser, no the old funky stuff…

    Something with apache? What’s in your .htacess? Are your log files overflowing?

    This just happened to me this morning. It was very weird. (See my more detailed post about it on this forum.) After wasting an hour trying to troubleshoot, the problem simply disappeared. I wonder how to clear the cache. This sounds like a good idea if it happens again.

    (I don’t think i’m supposed to put my url here, so I won’t). 🙂 Thanks everyone for all the great community support.


    Oh, thanks musnake, Your tip is to clear the Browser’s cache. That probably doesn’t have anything to do with this because the site was blank in both IE and Firefox. I thought maybe there was a server cache or a WP blog cache. (I do use the cache plugin, but I disabled that when I renamed the name of the plugins folder.)

    So far the only tip that I could try is to rename .htaccess – it would be interesting to get some confirmation from someone who had positive experience with this technique.


    I tried the cache thing, but it didn’t work.

    I think I am going to do a totally new wordpress installation or restart apache 4x a day till WP 2.7

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