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[Resolved] whole site is smaller by a few pixels

  • I have been working on a website for fun, and noticed that between chrome and safari, the chrome version looked a little smaller….everything was rendered smaller…I just chalked it up to it being a chrome vs safari difference.

    I recently created another wordpress installation as a testing ground and copied all the theme files from one to the other and noticed that the new site is perfect, so it’s not a chrome issue after all.

    I don’t know why or how this is happening. Even the fixed bar across the top when logged into wordpress are two different sizes depending on which site i’m on.

    Could anybody point out what is causing this on chrome? On safari for example, they’re identical. I wouldn’t think it’d have to do with the css or theme files because i just copied them from one site to the other

    first (weird) site at summified.com
    test site at test.summified.com

    (oh, and i’m specifically using chrome on windows)


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  • The only difference I can see is that Safari has a larger browser toolbar than Chrome, so the content gets shifted down a few pixels.

    Which browser versions are you working on?
    It’s definitely the website labelled as “weird” that has the issue?

    yeah, if i open up both sites side by side on Chrome, on Windows…. the two sites render at different sizes. Safari is fine.

    Hang on, which browser is it bugging in?


    Are you using the latest version? If not, which?

    And I’m not sure whether you’re aware of this, sorry to sound patronising, but different browsers read websites differently. So it shouldn’t be surprising if one website displays it different to another.

    The usual course of action is checking whether there are any obvious validation errors that could be causing it.

    Yes, version 26.0.1410.43 m
    What’s weird is that each site looks different on Chrome, but they should be the same. I also tried doing a hard reset dumping the cache and everything. Are you seeing the same thing? Does the test site look different than the “weird” site when using Chrome for both?

    Thanks for the validation thing, i’ll look at it.
    I do realize that browsers render things differently…but what’s buggging me is that these two sites should be the same, but they’re not. Same browser, and (as far as I thought) same site.

    Are you seeing the same thing?

    Sorry, no, I was doing the wrong thing. I had misunderstood the issue. I was comparing Chrome to safari.

    I opened both sites up in the latest Chrome and couldn’t find a size difference. Are you sure both browsers/websites have the same zoom (CTRL + 0)?

    oh my goodness…that fixed it


    Thanks so much…

    Maybe while you’re here…why would the zoom stick around? I must’ve accidently changed it months ago, and even between restarts of my computer, and closing the browser page, emptying cache, updating the browser… it STILL remembered the zoom level of that particular site? Geez…

    why would the zoom stick around?

    Probably Chrome trying to be clever. It sticks to the websites even when you leave them and come back. Might be localstorage.

    At least you weren’t having a CTRL + ALT + ↓ issue.

    Thanks so much. Simple problem, but man, was it driving me nuts.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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