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  • went to update my blog…review: its gone…wont load at all…in the admin panel..I can edit…see…etc..
    go to the actual website…or try to “View Site” to see changes…and nothing…blank page..

    how can that happen? (and no, I didnt mess with any coding)

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  • did you happen to delete your theme at all? I would recomend checking the themes folder to make sure all the files are still there

    no…its all there…I even re-updated all those files..
    I added a banner…and when I did: all was gone
    I went back into admin panel..deleted the banner…and its all still gone from public view…

    I couldn’t see it moments earlier, but now it is online.
    Maybe it was a glitch on the host server?

    I changed the theme…and it came back..BUT, the theme I had originally still wont work…weird?
    all I did was put a banner in a post…and it was gone..
    deleted the banner…and the whole theme wont come back..
    you all know why I cant use that original theme now?
    I tried updating the files…(weird)

    Obviously you altered that theme: either by adding the code or when deleting. Eventually, both.
    If you can, download a fresh copy of it.

    Thanks…you all have been a great help!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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