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    The plugin worked fine but is not showing the whole newsletter. I tried adding a height property to the wp-embed class and it worked. A scrollbar appeared in order to display the whole newsletter.

    I know that custom css cannot override the plugin’s css. Can you kindly look into this issue and provide a fix?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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  • Plugin Author matthieuscarset


    Hi @daelorn

    Nop, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a workaround yet (no time for contribution lately).

    If anyone have any idea about how we could do to embed MailChimp campaigns with something else than the WordPress embed shortcode… I’m totally open to suggestions 🙂

    I was thinking maybe 1) import campaigns, 2) save it as HTML in an actual file in WordPress files and 3) attach it to a the Newsletter content type.

    This won’t actually solve the JS issue and the limitation of iframe… but at least we could use a custom template instead of being restricted to the core’s default used by the embed shortcode.

    Can you at least change the scrolling attribute in the iframe code to “yes”? this would at least allow the whole newsletter to be viewed.

    I am trying to find where to edit this myself but no luck – pointers appreciated!

    It also occurs to me that perhaps the option to convert the post type *may* be a workaround, is this at all possible? (also occurs to me this is easier said than done given the table layout of emails)

    Plugin Author matthieuscarset


    Hi @bridieamelia.
    I don’t think I actually can act on the iframe attribute much. It is generated by WordPress core JS script. Have you tried to add this attribute? Did it work? If yes, feel free to share the code 🙂

    I’ll have to find a sustainable way of acting on the iframe anyway otherwise we will need to embed MailChimp campaigns differenlty.

    I’ve spent some time digging into this today, and found that WordPress sets a height limit of 1000px on iframes that are generated by the get_post_embed_html() function.

    I’ve created a workaround (in the form of a plugin) to bypass that limit, while maintaining the ability of the iframe to resize itself dynamically based on the content inside.

    I’ve submitted my plugin for review today, and I’ll be sure to post an update here once it’s been approved.

    Plugin Author matthieuscarset


    Hi @jcexygy thanks for your message.

    Why have you done another plugin rather than applying a patch on this existing one? 🙂 IMO, it would be better to offer a solution to all existing users rather than to have to install a new plugin.

    Where can I see your code?

    I’d like to fix this issue too.

    @matthieuscarset-1 I decided to do it as a separate plugin because the height limit is a general WordPress limitation – it’s not specific to your plugin. By my understanding, anyone who uses the get_post_embed_html() function in a plugin or theme (and then embeds the content in WordPress) will face this limitation.

    Ideally they would remove the limitation in core – it seems pretty arbitrary – but I created the plugin as a quick fix for a project I’m working on, and I thought it might be helpful to share it with the community.

    If you’d like to add the same code to your plugin, that would be fine with me – I will share it as soon as my plugin gets approved and I push it to the svn repo.

    Ok, my plugin was just approved. Here is the link:

    Plugin Author matthieuscarset


    Ah ok 🙂 I though you were creating another Mailchimp-related plugin… It now makes sense that you created a specific plugin to bypass the iframe’s height.

    I’d recommend users to download your plugin to bypass the height limitation.

    It’s better to have specific plugins for specific needs 🙂

    Thanks for your effort. Hopefully it will solve the issue for everyone!


    Can you please implement this fix within the plugin? I can’t install plugins without going through our site administrator (which can take months) and it seems like this plugin isn’t really functional if it depends on the installation of other plugins just to display the full article / mailing.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    Plugin Author matthieuscarset


    @bwilks sorry for the delay in answering you.

    I do not want to duplicate code.

    I have tested @jcexygy module and it works great:

    It is a good thing to have small plugins doing small things, and doing it well 🙂

    Plugin Author matthieuscarset


    Having the same problem, only the first part of my newsletters are showing. Is there any other way to post my mailchimp newsletters? I can’t leave them on my website only partially displayed.

    Plugin Author matthieuscarset


    hi @susansusan1

    as mention above, this plugin used to fix the issue with iframe height limit.

    However it is no longer available. It has been removed by WordPress bot I think.

    I will contact the author to see if he can reactivate it.

    Hi @matthieuscarset-1

    I notice that the plugin seem to still be unavailable. Any luck with getting it reactivated?

    Really appreciate your work, thanks!

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