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  1. cmorgando
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello WordPress Community! I'm trying to help a friend with his WordPress website that is down. When I ping it with the Windows cmd function, it says "Ping request could not find host". When I use whois.domaintools.com, it names WordPress nameservers, but this is a value he changed at Melbourne IT, who he purchased the domain name from. He was changing CNAME and MX records for the Google Apps mail function. I think he's changed enough that any web based tool will display incorrect DNS records. Enough with the back story, here are my questions:

    1. How do I obtain the correct/original DNS records for his website?
    2. Do I update the DNS records WordPress or Melbourne IT to get his website back up?

  2. cmorgando
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Here's an update, but things are still shaky.

    I registered with DomainTools for a free 7 day trial to use their hosting history function. I found the name server while the website was up (asmallorange) and saw the change to Melbourne IT's name server (Secure.net) when the website went down. I switched the name server back to ASmallOrange and the website is back up...hooray! I can pull the website up on my PC and Droid phone, but I cannot pull the website up on an iphone. I will wait a full 24 hours in case the DNS records need further updating. Also, the URLs of the pages in the website are named differently and Google is not returning a neat, categorized result when I search for the website.

    I've marked these questions as resolved and will start a new thread in case the website does not pull up on the iphone in 72 hours and I cannot find the website in Google.

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