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    my pages that show up at the top of my screen for menu bar, show up on one computer, but on my other computer that is a wide screen, only one row of pages comes up at the top.

    any ideas why the 2nd row of pages is not showing up on my wide screen? i’m running the elegant grunge theme.

    here is the web address:

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  • Is the other wide screen computer using a different browser?
    I’m using Firefox on a widescreen and I see the 2cnd level of your menu…
    Anyway, just a guess here but you have a lot of list items in #menu which is nested in #header-wrap and then #header. #header-wrap has no assigned height. #header has an assigned height(216px)
    #menu’s height is 3.0em which might not do the trick.Anytime you are setting a fixed height and the elements inside that are bigger than the height,things will disappear.

    Test it out by adding overflow:auto to #menu. If a scrollbar pops up you have to make something have more height.
    Try adding more height to #header or #menu or use height:auto…

    ah, i’m pretty new at word press…where would i find this #menu to add the “overflwo”auto”?

    to answer your question both browsers were IE

    i sure appreciate any help on this. thank you.

    HELP!!!! i changed the menu height to overflow:auto like you said and it messed up my whole header section and website!!! i put it back to 3.0em and it still doesn’t work. someone please help me!

    I never said to remove 3.0em from #menu. I said to add overflow:auto to #menu. Just adding overflow:auto to a div with no height containing elements with height was not my advice. What I was suggesting was adding height to #header-wrap or #header,respectively.Adding overflow:auto to #menu was just to show you that 3.0em was not enough height for #menu.
    In #menu each list item has a height of 48px yet the entire nested header structure only allows for a height of 48px which is about 3.0em. What’s going on is #menu is trying to incorrectly contain at least 96px of elements, #header and #headerwrap are doing nothing to help out and are being used to show background images when they should be being used to hold your blocks in place.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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